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Mount & Blade's Long Strange Trip is Over

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Mount & Blade's Long Strange Trip is Over

Game News - posted by baby arm on Wed 17 September 2008, 06:31:17

Tags: Mount & Blade

Medieval action/not-really-an-RPG title Mount & Blade has shipped out to stores and is now available on Gamers Gate.
New York - Sept. 16, 2008 - Paradox Interactive today confirmed that after several years of development, Mount & Blade, the widely-acclaimed action-RPG title for the PC, has successfully mounted North American store shelves. Mount & Blade will be available in European stores on Friday, Sep. 19th.

"The launch of Mount & Blade is almost a bittersweet milestone for us," said Armagan Yavuz, Lead Developer, TaleWorlds Entertainment.

"While we're sad to see our work of passion come to a close, we're thrilled with the end product, and we know that Mount & Blade will redefine the standards of independent game development."

And stay tuned to find out the oh so lucky winners of our Mount & Blade MS Paint Competition.

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