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2 Mount & Blade winners announced, vote for the 3rd

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2 Mount & Blade winners announced, vote for the 3rd

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 17 September 2008, 07:43:06

Tags: Mount & Blade

Now that the server move is out of the way, our Mount & Blade MS Paint competition has closed. After much discussion and vigorous debate over lulzy vs good looking images, we have chosen the winnarz.

Balathustrius and Andragorn officially tied for first place with their images below:

Their efforts have scored each of them a copy (downloadable Gamer's Gate version) of Mount & Blade. We'll be e-mailing them shortly with details on how they can claim their prize.

However, we've also decided we can drag this out even longer by making Codexers decide who should win the third copy that's up for grabs. Just take a look through the gallery of entrants and post a reply in this thread with who you think should win our last give-away copy. We'll leave voting open for the next five days before announcing the final lucky winner.

Edit: ixg is our third and final winner with this festive portrait. Congratulations!

There are 49 comments on 2 Mount & Blade winners announced, vote for the 3rd

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