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Mount & Blade is a new kind of RPG

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Mount & Blade is a new kind of RPG

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 19 September 2008, 12:10:59

Tags: Mount & Blade

Now that the game is out, the reviews are trickling in. According to, Mount & Blade is a whole new kind of special RPG. Not one of those old-style pesky RPGs where stats get in the way and combat is determined by mathematics:
Unfortunately, most RPGs, be they single player or massively multiplayer affairs, just don't live up to those realities. Instead, combat is often portrayed as a distant, mathematically-based process livened up with a flash of the Tolkien-esque fantastical. Simply, where are all the Braveheart moments in RPG gaming?

I had despaired of ever finding a RPG that I could truly sink my, er... sword into - that is, until I came across TaleWorlds' Mount & Blade. Within moments of giving the beta a try, I knew that TaleWorlds' was well on its way to achieving something unique in the world of electronic swordplay: removing the middle man and allowing the gamer to swing his own sword. That simple change, combined with a few other innovations, offered the promise of fundamentally altering the standard RPG formula forevermore.

Mount & Blade is not like other RPGs. Rather, Mount & Blade offers the choice between the more traditional third-person perspective and a novel first person perspective. Because the game sports some pretty visuals, either choice is a rewarding experience but it is the first person perspective that brings the game to life like no other RPG I can think of.

A couple of things... Firstly, removing the mathematics and relying on player skill makes it an action game, kind of like a first person shooter. Secondly, first-person in RPGs is not "novel". The review ends lamenting the lack of story and multiplayer. Despite that, it scores a 9 / 10.

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