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Rampant Coyote's Frayed Knights

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Rampant Coyote's Frayed Knights

Development Info - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 22 September 2008, 13:44:35

Tags: Frayed Knights

Frayed Knights is an indie RPG thing being made by Rampant Coyote. They've done an update. Here's a bit:
With that done, I'm back to working on some core technology. I am considering some massive changes to how AI works, how combat plays, and how inventory management is handled. I also need to finish the journal system and the transition map system now that we'll have more than two areas to go between.

Since I work best committed to a deadline (it stops me from "tinkering"), for next week I'm going to finish the design work and the rough-out of the Tower of Almost Certain Death and the first wilderness area, get trading completed with NPCs, and get started on the revised journal system. That ought to keep me busy.

And I'm gonna get back to trying to post an update weekly (or at least semi-weekly), as I was before I went into soul-sapping crunch-mode hell. Public reporting of progress keeps me from falling back into "tinker" mode.

You can follow the link to find out more about the project and download the "pilot episode".

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