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Divinity 2: All Along the Battle Tower

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Divinity 2: All Along the Battle Tower

Game News - posted by baby arm on Sun 12 October 2008, 01:33:43

Tags: Divinity II; Larian Studios

Over at the Larian Studios Forums, LS staff member Lar went into detail about having your own personal Battle Tower in Divinity 2: Ego Draconis. There's some potentially cool stuff here:

Each platform is operated by a npc which you put there, meaning that you'll have a choice between npc's. The choice of npc will decide the particular strengths of an individual platform. For instance, you can choose between an enchanter who's good at armor or an enchanter who's good at weaponry.​

-The enchanter allows you to enchant and disenchant equipment you discover in the world.
-The necromancer allows you to customize your Creature. The Creature is a stitched together Frankenstein like err... creature where the limb composition determines its abilities and stats.
-The skill trainer allows you to increase the maximum level of certain skills and perhaps the unlocking of a skill here and there
-The alchemist allows you to brew all kinds of potions​

There are also some inhabitants in the tower. These include your runners. Runners are npcs that you can send out on various missions to collect ingredients/formulas for your platform npcs. You can send them out on easy but also on hard missions. Their chances of success are determined by the gear you provide them with.​
But there's also a "gift" from Neverwinter Nights:

The tower can be accessed using what's called a dragon stone, which allows you to quickly teleport at almost any point in the game back and forth to your tower.​
Spotted at: RPG Watch

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