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Obsidian on the Future of Neverwinter Nights

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Obsidian on the Future of Neverwinter Nights

Interview - posted by baby arm on Fri 24 October 2008, 06:09:11

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir; Obsidian Entertainment

While Neverwinter 2: Storm of Zehir is the main subject of an Obsidian group interview at GameBanshee, the future of the NWN series is also up for discussion.
I think a Neverwinter Nights 3 would be a great opportunity for Obsidian. We have learned a lot over the relatively short time we have been involved with NWN. We have done some cool things with the Neverwinter series, but we have made some mistakes as well. I think that if we were to work on a Neverwinter 3 we would do a lot of things differently. We love Dungeons & Dragons and we really enjoy making a community-focused game. A NWN3 set in the 4th edition Forgotten Realms would be interesting to say the least - the Spellplague and other disasters have left the cities of Neverwinter and Luskan in ruins, rifts to long-forgotten worlds have opened, Thay has transformed... That is the perfect setting for one of our dark stories.

A Forgotten Realms MMO is an interesting concept, too. I wouldn't mind working on it. I am sure others here would like to as well. But for now, Obsidian's involvement with MMOs is on the player side of things.

So, is there a third expansion or a Neverwinter Nights 3 in the works? Time will tell...

Translation: "There's almost certainly a third NWN2 expansion in the pipeline and we'd jump at NWN3 if Atari can afford it. We'll stay away from an MMO for now since D&D Online pretty much tanked."

Thanks to Kharn.

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