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When a Magic Missile Just Isn't Enough

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When a Magic Missile Just Isn't Enough

Editorial - posted by baby arm on Thu 1 January 2009, 23:20:59

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; Vince D. Weller

Iron Tower dictator VD cobbled together his thoughts on magic in RPGs and how it could be made a more interesting, integral part of the gameworld.

A lesser example is an "Aikido mage" concept I developed for a PnP session a long time ago. As the name suggests, the "aikido mage" doesn’t cast any offensive spells, but redirects the force of the attack and/or uses it against the attacker. In game terms, it’s built around an "interrupt" feature.

Let's say an archer fires an arrow at such a mage. The mage interrupts the attack, stops the arrow in midair and sends it back at the archer. A melee attack is interrupted and directed at another enemy or any objects like walls or columns (directing at the columns would be a good way to bring down the ceiling and bury all attackers). The "aikido mage" can be killed, of course, but it would require an overwhelming (to his level) force, which actually befits the status of a mage. He/she can't turn every arrows away, can't control every strike aimed at him. The power and accuracy (when it comes to redirecting attacks) grow with skills/levels.​
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