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GameBanshee's 2008 Awards

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GameBanshee's 2008 Awards

Editorial - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 22 January 2009, 01:25:31

Tags: Fallout 3

Here are the winners of GameBanshee's 2008 Awards. Guess who won. No really, guess:

Best Story/Writing Winner Fable II (Winner)

Best Graphics Winner Fallout 3 (Winner)

Best Sound/Music Winner King's Bounty: The Legend (Winner)

Most Anticipated of 2009 Diablo III

Independent RPG of the Year Winner Mount & Blade (Winner)

RPG Hybrid of the Year Winner King's Bounty: The Legend (Winner)

RPG of the Year Winner Fallout 3 (Winner)

RPG of the Year Fable II (Runner-up)

Despite the fact that the original Fable didn't live up to the many claims made by Lionhead's Peter Molyneux, its sequel actually does in many ways. The game may be a bit shallow when it comes to traditional RPG elements, but it does offer a large, open world with plenty to do and see without ever having to pursue the primary (and well-written) storyline. Becoming a real estate tycoon, mastering the local shooting range, sacrificing an entire town to the dark gods, or pursuing your dream of being a cross-dressing bigamist are just a few of the many options available to your hero at any given time. The clever use of your dog as a treasure-seeking sidekick is a nice touch, too. If the game had actually included a decent co-op component like it was supposed to, Fable II might have stood a better chance at taking our top award.​
You'll have to read the article to find out why.

Thanks Brother None!

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