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Two Worlds are updating their website with tempting info

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Two Worlds are updating their website with tempting info

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 27 January 2009, 05:31:43

Tags: Two Worlds II

Head on over to the Official Two Worlds Website and find out what's going on in Two World's: The Temptation:

The magical attributes of your newly created spell are determined by the individual values of the spell cards you use - and these spell cards are in turn sub-divided into two basic groups: The "Base Cards" define the type of spell, like spatial spells or magic missiles, while "Modification Cards" define the class of the element (e.g. ice or fire) or attributes like speed and damage. Whether you use more or less Mana and whether you need a correspondingly longer time to summon spells depends on the combination of your set of cards. The player level and the total of 35 learnable magical skills must also be taken into account - if the magic is too complex for your own skills, the spell could misfire and maybe even injure you. The game's well thought-out system prevents any combination of spells that are too powerful - without putting too many limitations on your experiments! And for the player who likes to take it easy, there are spells available to buy from merchants! RPG fans… get ready to rumble!​
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