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Party Planning at Obsidian

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Party Planning at Obsidian

Editorial - posted by baby arm on Mon 23 February 2009, 17:44:18

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment

GameSetWatch took a look at Obsidian's approaches to the party problem in RPGs.

Alpha Protocol has one controllable character and no permanent party members. Maybe it's a deliberate change of pace for Obsidian, or maybe it's the best solution of all. Alpha Protocol will certainly be free from deadbeats and hangers-on who admonish you for acts of kindness but will still do whatever you say. The best way to deal with those plausibility issues is not to invite them into the design in the first place. It'll work, but because it's the safe option.

If it marks the beginning of a new approach for Obsidian, then I'll miss the subversion and the experimentation. Developers can craft a character with a wealth of personal history, trust issues and the potential for an ice-thawing courtship, and they can have them try to kill me for not buying them shoes. I like the second option more.​
On a barely related note, Obsidian is hosting a poll on preferred RPG combat systems. Third person real-time currently has a 7% lead over isometric turn-based. Head to the bar on the right side of the main page to vote.

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