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Cyclopean Interview From RPG France

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Cyclopean Interview From RPG France

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Sat 14 March 2009, 09:34:56

Tags: Cyclopean; Iron Tower Studio

Some RPG-loving Frenchies decided to have a chat with the lead man behind Cyclopean, the Lovecraftian RPG being worked on by the Iron Tower Omega Team. The interview is in both French and English. How convenient.

I’m not worried at all about a Lovecraft game succeeding. Lovecraft’s concepts and creatures have been seeping into writing, film, computer games, and even music for over fifty years. His appeal to the masses is already proven. The problem with previous games (barring Dark Corners of the Earth, which made a good effort) is that they only borrow a few creatures and names from the books, but don’t try to emulate the philosophy or setting. A game where you run around shooting stuff isn’t going to give you the same feeling as reading a story like Festival.
I’ve always thought his Mythos would make a great setting for a real RPG, not just another survival horror or shooting game.
If the player wishes to join a faction he must first find it. Most of the factions in the game are hidden from the public, and do not welcome discovery. Depending on the player’s actions he may be approached by a faction. The player must also be of value to the organization. You can’t just show up in the secret lair of a cult of Yog-Sothoth and expect to be welcomed.​
Sounds wonderful. Unfortunately...

If I were to say 2013 it would be pure speculation.​
...it's likely we will have firsthand experience with cosmic horrors by the release date, which is likely to seriously hamper our precious immersion.

Thanks Brother None.
Spotted at: Iron Tower Studio Forums

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