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Developers are not Shakespeare, should not write books

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Developers are not Shakespeare, should not write books

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 27 March 2009, 03:34:39

Tags: Blizzard Entertainment

Jokes about Gaider aside, in an inspiring presentation, some guy from Blizzard who worked on World of Warcraft said:

"Basically, and I'm speaking to the Blizzard guys in the back: we need to stop writing a fucking book in our game, because nobody wants to read it," he explained.

"We need to deliver our story in a way that is uniquely video game," Kaplan, who left WoW to work on Blizzard's next MMO, explained. "We need to engage our players in sort of an inspiring experience, and the sooner we accept that we are not Shakespeare, Scorsese, Tolstoy or the Beatles, the better off we are."​
Somebody should note that neither "Scorsese" nor "the Beatles" wrote "fucking books" either. The former made films which had very few words compared to a book and the latter wrote songs which had even less words than a film, so I'm not quite certain what standard he's shooting for here.

I can't also say I was ever aware of there being "a fucking book" in Diablo or Starcraft or World of Warcraft. Though that hasn't stopped the fans from writing them.

Thanks Veneral Disease!

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