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Victory Through Superior Dialogue

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Victory Through Superior Dialogue

Editorial - posted by baby arm on Fri 17 April 2009, 07:13:33

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment

The "Diamond in the Rough" column at GameSetWatch returns to the matter of better incorporating dialogue into gameplay with an article entitled "Forget Combat Mode Engaged". Here's a snippet on KOTOR2:

In that game, there were the obligatory moral decisions to make, and alliances with enemies and party members to form. What stands out in an already well-written and constructed story are the sections where Obsidian channels Fallout strongly. One confrontation involves the main character and an old friend, now a possible enemy. Through verbal sparring, tests of certain attributes (force powers, powers of persuasion, etc.), and key branching points within the conversation, the player can significantly alter the tone of the narrative they experience.

This part of the game is also interesting in that it is the only really important or significant encounter in that hour-long portion of the game. That area was created mostly to showcase this “boss” confrontation, that consists entirely of words. It’s a bold move, and when done right, it proves that interactive, malleable dialogue can be a very powerful gameplay device.​
Spotted at: GameSetWatch

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