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Avernum 6 - Bringing Back the Food Meter

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Avernum 6 - Bringing Back the Food Meter

Development Info - posted by Jason on Wed 2 September 2009, 07:07:53

Tags: Avernum 6

Some guy who is not Jeff Vogel revealed more tidbits on the forums about Avernum 6, including that the demo is the biggest since Avernum 3 and hunger is in.

This is the last major area that allows you to explore. You're in the army now so you can't go wherever you like as an adventurer. You need to follow orders and get them to get into certain places. Accepting quests is the easiest way to get into certain areas even if you don't do the quests. Get used to dealing with guards to get through gates.

Lots of old familiar quests to collect items, kill monsters, and deliver messages. Some of the old NPCs are back including Solberg, X, and Lark.

Jeff changed the spell system to add some new buffing spells that affect the whole party as long as you are near the caster. A little more efficient than the old system, but I miss some spells. Potions and scrolls are more useful this time so be sure to get them.

Because of the Blight, food is really important so you spend lots of time finding it so you don't want to suffer from starvation effects. Get used to using the portal pylons to go back for more every game day. After a few trips you can collect your rations in 5 minutes.

Money is still tight since Jeff offers so many ways to spend it. At least a few of the better trainers appear early in the game.​

Thanks, ElectricOtter

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