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Torchlight is Out

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Torchlight is Out

Game News - posted by Jason on Thu 29 October 2009, 10:05:20

Tags: Torchlight; Travis Baldree

Torchlight, the action RPG better known as "That Game from the Fate Guys, Not the Hellgate One, the Other One That Didn't Get Cancelled", is now available for purchasing from the official site and Gamers Gate. To find out what your twenty bucks might get you, have a look at this recent Gamasutra interview or enjoy a taste of Rex:

We followed the trail of corpses and Brink's bloody footsteps, and descended into the mine. The stench of death took on a dusty, yet somewhat spicy odor. It was a smell with which I was familiar - that of Ember. Yet despite its familiar scent, the melange had a strange quality to it and inhaling it seemed to have an effect on me that I find difficult to describe. It felt pervasive, as if something was watching over my shoulder. The smell itself was stronger, and sweeter than the samples I was used to working with.​

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