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Shadowflare review at RPGDot

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Shadowflare review at RPGDot

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 24 December 2002, 01:38:08

Tags: Shadowflare

I'm guessing they mean just the first two episodes of Shadowflare, since that's all that's available right now, but RPGDot has posted up a review of the game, giving it a rather generous 78%. Here's a clip:

One thing you do have a lot of choice about is what type of gear to wear. You will find a lot of magical items in Shadowflare. Different ones will offer different kinds of benefits and the next one you find may not be obviously better than what you are wearing. So if you want to sacrifice regular defense for magical defense, you put on gear that gives a higher magical defense. If you're going for more offense, you put on gear that grants bonuses to offense. You are able to wear armor, a shield, a helmet, and boots, and each of those slots is an opportunity to customize your abilities.​

The one interesting part of the review is that High replay value is listed in the pros column right next to Gameplay highly repetitive in the cons section. Which is it?

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