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GameSpy Gamer's Choice RPG of The Year

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GameSpy Gamer's Choice RPG of The Year

Game News - posted by Mistress on Fri 27 December 2002, 00:20:09

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

Well how about that - Neverwinter Nights tops the CRPG category of the Gamer's Choice Awards. Overall in the PC category, it reaches number 4.

"Neverwinter Nights has to be my favorite. Fame, fortune, love, sex and deceit all bundled into one game! Fantastic!"
-- Lexx87

Silly! You forgot the b00bies!

"Neverwinter Nights ... the one game to rule them all!"
-- MadCowRunner

Some things just shouldn't be said...

"I think that Neverwinter Nights was the best RPG of the year. It has a great storyline with well over 60 hours of play without the mini-quests. Also, because of the character building you could have like 30 characters and none would be the same. The DMing was a great addition and the mod comunity made some great modules for this game. I still can't get enought of it."
-- urineator

Sure, you could have 30 different characters - it would make no difference to the course of the game or how it plays though. As for the "great storyline", well...

In spots number two and three respectively were the more deserving Morrowind and that pretty game with lots of walking, Dungeon Siege.

Spotted this little gem over at RPGDot

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