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DoubleBear Zombie Question

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DoubleBear Zombie Question

Development Info - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 23 March 2010, 15:22:34

Tags: Annie VanderMeer; DoubleBear Productions

This time Annie raises a question:

Hey guys - since Brian's feeling under the weather (and we're still putting together our next developer spotlight), I thought I'd do a short post to get discussion going. I'll keep it simple and provocative - in the zombie apocalypse, who would you save?

Please - keep this to people you PERSONALLY KNOW ONLY, who are within 15 miles of you (I'd want to save my parents, for example, but I couldn't list them here because they live over a thousand miles away). Would you save your sibling, or go mercenary and protect your apartment's custodian because they know how to fix everything? Remember - you can't save everyone... for the sake of discussion, let's say 2 people max. Beyond that... and they have to fend for themselves...

Possible second question: if the person you wanted the most to save WAS actually very far away (see my parental example) would you risk trying to reach them if there was no other way to contact them, or stay put and hope for the best?

Who would you save?

Spotted at: Irontower Studios

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