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Alpha Protocol - the First Playthrough

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Alpha Protocol - the First Playthrough

Preview - posted by Jason on Thu 27 May 2010, 06:27:33

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

Since the people (aka Kosmonaut) demanded more Alpha Protocol threads, we bring you first completed playthrough impressions from the LA Examiner.

As with many Western RPGs, Alpha Protocol is filled with many multiple choice response situations, where the player can come across over 90 times in a single playthrough. Moreover, your actions have repercussions that go beyond dialogue replies in cutscenes, giving the impression that Alpha Protocol has as much in common with Heavy Rain as it does with Mass Effect. You might find that an NPC will comment on something as superficial as the armor you chose to wear or a female character will react when you flirt with another gal on the same conference call. In more serious matters, the fragile trust you have earned with an insider can be damaged because you thought that going nuts with an APC turret would not be a big deal.

Heavy Rain? I wasn't aware that Playstation action/adventures are now the gold standard for dialogue heavy Western RPGs.
Also, provide Ausir with your personal details and he might give you some free consumer electronics.
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