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Another Fallout: New Vegas Fan Interview

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Another Fallout: New Vegas Fan Interview

Interview - posted by Jason on Tue 15 June 2010, 18:01:43

Tags: Fallout: New Vegas; Obsidian Entertainment

Fallout: New Vegas, the latest cog in Steam's worldwide porn deletion machine, is the subject of a new fan interview courtesy of Bethesda.

In Fallout 3, it was easy to max out most, if not all, of your skills. Is anything being done to prevent this?
From Ryan via Facebook

JS: We have done several things to adjust the skill point economy. First and foremost, the formula for calculating skill points per level has changed. We are still experimenting with what formula to use, but a 10 IN will likely not boost a character's skills as much as it did in F3.

Most of the skill boosting perks have been removed, which means that method of advancing skills no longer exists. Skill books now give +3 skill points, +4 with Comprehension, but there are far fewer skill books in the world. This both reduces how much of a boost skill books will give overall and reduces the impact of Comprehension on that value (don't worry, Comprehension also gives a bonus to skill magazines, so it has more broad applicability). Our "Bobblehead equivalent" does not give SPECIAL or skill bonuses, so those are also removed from the skill point economy.​
Spotted at: BethBlog

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