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Light from the Darkness: The Making of Torchlight

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Light from the Darkness: The Making of Torchlight

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 9 July 2010, 10:09:01

Tags: Torchlight

Learn more about the history of the makers of Torchlight, from being part of Blizzard to founding Runic Games.

“I guess it started back in 1993,” says Runic Games’ CEO, Max Schaefer. “Rather than get real jobs and be responsible people, my brother Erich, David Brevik and I decided to start a game company. We were called Condor Incorporated. We cut our teeth on Gameboy and Game Gear games, and ended up doing a Sega Genesis game called the Justice League Task Force. It was a Street Fighter-style game with Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. The publisher had another company entirely make the Super Nintendo version, but didn’t put us in touch with them. We met them at one of the big game conventions and, of course, we had an instant rivalry – but they were really nice guys and we became friendly. They turned out to be the group that started Blizzard, although they had the horrible name of Silicon And Synapse at the time. Anyway, when we were looking for the next thing to do, we decided we wanted to make a PC game because we didn’t know which console was going to be the next big thing and didn’t want to bet on it. So we wandered round the shows with our pitch packets looking for someone to give us money. The Blizzard guys were one of the few that gave us the time of day. They signed us to make Diablo. And off we went. Then, half way through making it they acquired us and we became Blizzard North.”
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