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Titus to try again to sell Interplay

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Titus to try again to sell Interplay

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 4 January 2003, 02:46:33

Tags: Interplay

GameSpot is reporting that old Herve Caen and Titus are looking to dump off Interplay again.

Financially troubled publisher Titus has revealed plans to sell Interplay, which it took overin August 2001. Interplay's Shiny studio was sold to Infogrames early last year for $47 million, a figure largely based on the fact that Shiny is developing Enter the Matrix. While Interplay doesn't have many current hit franchises to lean on besides Baldur's Gate, Titus doesn't plan to let Interplay go in a fire sale. In the French business newspaper Les Echos, Titus CEO Hervé Caen recently said, "Our priority is to sell Interplay for a good return."​

Good luck finding a buyer, Herve!

Thanks, M3 for the word!

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