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GB Feature: E3 2010: Two Worlds II Preview

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GB Feature: E3 2010: Two Worlds II Preview

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 16 July 2010, 10:04:41

Tags: Reality Pump Studios; Two Worlds II

BuckGB had some hands-on time with Two Worlds II and decides to share his impressions.

To say that Reality Pump's Two Worlds sequel looks better, plays better, and runs better than the original would be a serious understatement. However, when you consider the state in which the first Two Worlds shipped (despite having some solid RPG mechanics underneath its horrendous framerate and painful animations), I suppose it really doesn't take much. That's not to say I don't have a few reservations about the sequel - I do - but it's promising to see that the teams involved are making every effort to bring Two Worlds II to a loftier position in your game library than the first one will ever reach.
After I had 15 minutes worth of hands-on time under my belt, TopWare Interactive managing director James Seaman stopped by my station to address any questions I had. Considering that his history includes working as a marketing manager at SSI in the late 90's, we had quite a bit to discuss. On the topic of Two Worlds II, though, James started off by telling me just how much work has gone into making sure the sequel surpasses the original title in every way. Gone is the Old English narrative and dialogue that permeated the first game - this time, the storyline is being scribed by a handful of talented writers that include Devon Smith of Dead Space fame. There's also a major emphasis being put on character animations and diversity - the team even brought in professional fencers to choreograph the game's fighting moves and recorded the facial expressions and movements of 1000 people in a theater to ensure that the game's NPCs had a sufficient amount of variety.
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