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Making The Cut: Jagged Alliance Online

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Making The Cut: Jagged Alliance Online

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 18 August 2010, 14:33:27

Tags: Jagged Alliance

RPS reports the return of tactical turnbased combat in the form of Jagged Alliance Online, a browser-based MMO.

Jagged Alliance Online will be built around the familiar Jagged Alliance games mechanics, which are a mixture of turn-based battles and real-time action. The player takes control of a group of soldiers, commanding them from an isometric perspective to complete tasks in order to earn cash as well as renown. If a player wants to stay on top, mercenaries will need to be trained and equipped with better weapons. If that’s not quite enough, then mercenaries can be borrowed from friends or alliances can be formed with other players.
Here's the feature list:
  • Tactical Turn based Action in 3D isometric graphics with parameterized maps for fresh challenges
  • Management of mercenary company with extended RPG system
  • Synchronous and asynchronous online PvE, co-op and PvP
  • Build up your own HQ
  • Players can choose to accept campaigns, which are essentially a string of missions on a specific map that need to be resolved within a given time frame.
  • Players can support other’s campaigns by renting mercenaries for a certain amount of time and can also bolster their roster by using their ally’s mercs.
  • The game can be played as a normal browser game, managing mercenaries and sending them on missions or players can dive into the action on the tactical map, improving their chances and rewards.
  • The game has three core layers of gameplay:
    o The tactical map, where players control their mercs directly in turn based/real time combat.
    o The management level, where players run their company, rent out mercs and choose missions or campaigns as well as build up their HQ facilities.
    o The social layer, where players may support or fight others on campaigns or missions.
thanks Quilty!

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