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Ausir's Fallout: New Vegas Preview Part I

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Ausir's Fallout: New Vegas Preview Part I

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 19 August 2010, 15:17:03

Tags: Fallout: New Vegas; Obsidian Entertainment

Somehow Ausir managed to sneak into Germany, paying a visit to the GamesCom. This merry adventure apparently resulted in him writing a preview.

The demo starts with no map markers on the world map, so I ventured blindly in various directions. One of the places I managed to find nearby was the Crimson Caravan Camp.

The Vegas office of the Crimson Caravan is headed by Alice McLafferty, who was also in charge of the company's operations in Hoover Dam in the canceled Van Buren. She is normally in charge of the Hub HQ of the company, but the New Vegas branch has been underperforming lately, and she came to clean it up. She also mentions that the New Canaan Mormons (another Van Buren reference here) are in charge of most northern trade routes, while the Gun Runners control most of the gun trade in the area. She gives you a quest called You Can Depend on Me to deliver an invoice to doctor Hildern at Camp McCarran. There are also lots of brahmin in the Crimson Caravan camp, which confirms that the big horners are not the only domesticated animals in the area.
Spotted at: Ausir's Wiki

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