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Larry Liberty On Fallout: New Vegas

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Larry Liberty On Fallout: New Vegas

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 10 September 2010, 11:58:38

Tags: Fallout: New Vegas; Obsidian Entertainment

Hooked Gamers caught up with Larry Liberty, lead producer of Fallout: New Vegas and currently working at <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">Obsidian Entertainment</span> Bethesda Softworks/Subdivision Obsidian Entertainment.

Hooked Gamers: The "Reputation" mechanic sounds intriguing. We already know that it affects your relationship with factions in the game, causing some missions to become unavailable. Does it change the behaviour of individuals too? And is it possible to alter your reputation to make a mission available after all? How does it work in relation to the "Karma" mechanic?

Larry Liberty: People associated with a particular faction will react to your reputation with the larger group. (You start off with a blank slate with all factions and communities; doing something good or bad towards a group will trigger reputation tracking.) There will be opportunities to wipe the slate clean with the major factions absolving you of your sins against them.
Reputation is tracked separately from Karma, which is the universe's opinion of you and is all knowing. Reputation is based on the things you do that are witnessed by people of a particular group so they are quite different in that regard. You can be a hated tyrant in one place and a saint in another. Just because you are evil doesn't mean that you will be automatically hated by people that have never met you.
Hooked Gamers: You've been incredibly tight-lipped about the Perks. Can you reveal even a tiny bit of information on what you are doing with them?

Larry Liberty: One thing that is safe to say is that there will be a lot of perks. We plan to give a perk every other level so Perk selection will be more meaningful than ever.
The more you get, the more meaningful it is.
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