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Scars Of War Will Be Politically Correct

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Scars Of War Will Be Politically Correct

Development Info - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 14 September 2010, 11:55:08

Tags: Scars of War

Yes it will. There won't be any male +2 STR, female +2 CHA fascist crap. Gareth Fouche, a.k.a. NakedNinja, explains why.

That was her instinctive reaction, based upon her prior experiences. Women are seen as lesser, even in escapist fantasy and ‘play’, even, to a degree, to themselves. That disturbs me. I’ve made my fair share of off-colour or misogynistic jokes in my time, but always in the spirit of the jibe, the good-natured war of the sexes. Men bemoan women, women roll their eyes at men, we all carry on knowing that we’re all really ‘in love with the enemy’, yes?
Which brings us back to SoW. You’ve probably figured out where I’m going with this. There aren’t any real differences between the genders in SoW, beyond the cosmetic. Not in the character system. This is not to say that sexism doesn’t exist in the world of Scars of War, that it’s some homogenized, politically-correct fantasy world. There is sexism and rape and a whole host of suitably nasty things. But there won’t be anything like ‘Males get +2 Strength, Females get +2 to Charisma’ or whatever in the character system. There will be nothing that says to a woman who plays SoW ‘hmmm, you want to be a warrior eh? Well, better play a man then…’. If she wants to be Shannon the Barbarian, so be it.
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