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Legerdemain & other assorted Roguelike Updates

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Legerdemain & other assorted Roguelike Updates

Game News - posted by Jason on Thu 7 October 2010, 08:23:20

Tags: Legerdemain

Some guy named Cameron wants you to know about the interactive fiction inspired roguelike, Legerdemain.

Legerdemain takes place in a strange and cracked fantasy world called Phenomedom. You assume the role of an imprisoned magician seeking to learn the nature of your captivity. Along the way you’ll uncover vast conspiracies, morbid secrets, and the secrets of ancient puzzles. You’ll likely slay a few thousand monsters along the way too.

Legerdemain draws heavily upon interactive fiction and Roguelike games to provide an experience focusing on story and depth of play. From interactive fiction we inherit elements of scene description, exploration of new environments, and conversation with the game’s inhabitants. From Roguelike games we derive a top-down two-dimensional perspective and numerous strategic elements. Legerdemain’s glyph-based UI is also reminiscent of Roguelike games, but here we forego ASCII for the myriad and more modern conventions of Unicode.​
And now for our regularly scheduled roguelike updates, already in progress...

Lost Labyrinth at 4.3.0

Partial changelog:
  • Rooms improved: Above level 50 there are 2 rooms now in each level.
  • Rooms with a monster (like the hydra) are completely closed at first.
  • When we kill the monster the exit appears.
  • new skills: undead (does not need food or water), cannibal (killed humanoids sometimes leave blood or meat behind)
  • new items: human meat, blood
  • Staff of the last covenant reworked. Every part is an item now that characters can pass on.
  • They can be combined in the inventory screen. (This way they do not use up our inventory space)
Expedition at v0.1.8 RC4
  • [Task] Allow inhabiting settlements without food consumption - closed.
  • [Task] Explain what classes can equip what items - closed.
  • [Task] Complete castle furnishing - closed.
  • [Task] Allow adding more building to towns - closed.
  • [Task] Add Juan Cristóforo roguebard - closed.
  • [Task] Allow fetching equipment back from towns - closed.
  • [Request for Enhancement] Allow foraging food - closed.
  • [Bug Report] Can’t enter spaces on town names (GFXUI) - closed.
  • [Request for Enhancement] Europe shouldn’t have free wood lying around. - closed.
  • [Request for Enhancement] Add in-game aid - closed.
  • [Request for Enhancement] Hint system - closed.
Tales of Middle-Earth 4 at beta12 (and 12b)
  •  New game UI: faster, easier, neater
  •  New item types: belts, gloves, cloaks, diggers, wands
  •  New talent tree: Bloodthirst
  •  Display speed improvements
  •  Much balancing and fixes

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