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Arcania: Gothic 4 Review

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Arcania: Gothic 4 Review

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 12 October 2010, 16:46:20

Tags: Gothic 4: Arcania; JoWood Productions

It seems the first english reviews of Arcania: Gothic 4 start to hit the web, here's IGN's take on the game (7.5/10) :

Gameplay, on the other hand, is really where your interests should ultimately lie. Being a role-playing game in the traditions of stats-based RPGs, storytelling and combat are the most important elements of a game like this—and Gothic IV is solid but noticeably unpolished on both fronts.

On PC, the combat blends mouse-based, two button real-time combat with standard hotkey item selection. Players familiar with the genre will feel right at home with the default control scheme, which sticks to WASD controls and smooth mouse aim. You can break into your inventory at any time by hitting start. This pauses the action, allowing you to buff yourself with potions and consumable items—a decision that arguably makes the game rather easy, given the staggering availability of potions and edible. The pace of the combat puts it more in line with a hack-and-slash adventure, not unlike something like Lionhead's Fable. The combo system can be steadily upgraded with skill points, too. Blocking and defensive rolling are also necessary tactical options – though, we found rolling to be far more handy in practice than raising your shield and still taking damage.
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