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Two Worlds II Massive Popularity Causes Delay

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Two Worlds II Massive Popularity Causes Delay

Development Info - posted by Jason on Sat 16 October 2010, 05:26:08

Tags: Two Worlds II

Europeans will not be seeing Two Worlds II as soon as they thought.

Die gute Nachricht zuerst – „Two Worlds II“ hat Goldstatus erreicht und geht am
Montag in Produktion! Aufgrund der vorgesehen, europaweiten
Multiplattform-Auslieferung und den damit verbundenen, enorm hohen Stückzahlen
...kann die Veröffentlichung des Spiels am 21. Oktober aber leider nicht
realisiert werden. Deshalb steht der Rollenspielhit nun ab dem 9. November 2010​
Rather than subject you to the horrors of a Babelfish translation, here's what one of the Zuxxez forum moderators had to say:

Sorry to tell you guys, I've just recieved a press release that the game has gone gold, but due to high numbers of pre orders the game will take some time to be produced and delivered so the new release date is November 9th.​
Just out of curiousity, how does one say "lying out your ass" in German?

Thanks to Crispy

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