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Venetica to be Released in the UK on Friday

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Venetica to be Released in the UK on Friday

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 11 November 2010, 20:45:33

Tags: Venetica

Gamebanshee reports that the english version of Venetica is - finally - to be released tomorrow.

Venetica, Award-winning cinematic RPG, available on PC, Xbox 360 on Friday 12 November; PS3 version to follow

Stunning European role-playing game available this week

Thursday, 11th November 2010: Mastertronic, the UK’s leading independent publisher of computer and videogames, has today announced it has scooped the rights to distribute Deck 13’s fantasy RPG Venetica on Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 and published by DTP. The game will be available from Friday, November 12th for Xbox 360 and PC, with the PlayStation 3 version following a few weeks later.

Venetica is a gorgeous fantasy role-playing game, in which players assume the role of Scarlett, the daughter of Death. Set in and around the city of Venice in the 16th century, the game challenges players to rid the city of a dangerous necromancer, who is determined to bring death and destruction to the world.

The game offers players true-to-life visuals, subtle camera work, and spectacular cutscenes, with detailed cinematic sequences taking players on a unique journey through the game world in a way that is unmatched in the RPG genre.

Venetica was a massive hit in its native Germany, with awarding it a massive 88 per cent. Gamers Plus described it as “a fresh role-playing game with a unique setting” whilst declared “you’ve got to hand it to Deck 13: they know how to tell a fascinating story... which knows how to motive and attract the player.”

“Venetica is a European breath of fresh air in a genre dominated by the Americans and Japanese,” says James Cato, Group Sales Director, Mastertonic . “We’re thrilled to have added this to our roster, and look forward to introducing UK gamers to one of the most original and beautiful role-playing games created.”

Venetica will be released on Friday November 12th 2010 for PC and Xbox 360, with a suggested retail price of £39.99. The PlayStation 3 version will follow shortly.

Read JarlFrank's review to learn more about the game.


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