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Fallout: New Vegas Review

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Fallout: New Vegas Review

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 15 November 2010, 19:26:58

Tags: Fallout: New Vegas; Obsidian Entertainment

ComputerGames.ro provide one of their in-depth reviews this time concerning the second coming of cRPGs, Fallout: New Vegas. And they score it 93/100.

Fallout: New Vegas. Deep Breath. Who would have thought?

Not me. I hate the engine and its already disgusting age that clearly shows, despite Obsidian’s best efforts to polish the graphics, I hate the shameful and deformed endoskeleton sustaining it that’s Fallout 3, not being able to say anything negative about it without someone who knows better to shut me up – literally everyone, apparently.

Still, what were the chances that something so exquisite - bordering both the brilliant and the insane – could come out from the worst donut a game could ever cook into?

Really slim. And as slim as they were, Obsidian studios deserves the praise they get, and Bethesda for trusting them with our dreams. It’s really something else – well fleshed out and with enough content to make Fallout 3 look like the fluked exam that is really is. What’s disappointing is that the technical base betrays it, so there are quite a few number of bugs to be had, ranging from amusing collision detections to the more severe kind (condolences go out to all the fellow post-apocalyptic adventurers who have lost their saved games due to the intense radiation). From what I experienced in the dozens of hours spent in the desert, I could say the impact of bugs on the game is negligible, but ultimately it also depends on luck and your PC configuration.
After Fallout 3, veterans of the series had lost any kind of hope they would ever set foot in a new post-apocalyptic world that they could appreciate without the help of mods. That’s why New Vegas is all the more impressive, because despite its problematic foundation, it turned into a game that even the most elitist and conservative of fans will play until exhaustion.
Seems they liked it.
Thanks to <span class="genmed">Kthan75 for pointing this out.

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