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Vince D. Weller Does Fallout: New Vegas

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Vince D. Weller Does Fallout: New Vegas

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 24 November 2010, 00:06:43

Tags: Fallout: New Vegas; Obsidian Entertainment

Vince D. Weller, also known as Vault Dweller around these parts, grants Fallout: New Vegas the review treatment over at NMA.

New Vegas is a huge game. I can probably write another 6 pages examining New Vegas’s various aspects, but I’d rather play the game some more. Like any other game, it’s far from being perfect and has many flaws. If you share my opinion that quest design is the most important aspect of an RPG, then you’ll like New Vegas a lot. If you think that RPGs are all about character system and/or combat, your opinion will depend not so much on New Vegas, but on whether or not you liked Fallout 3.

I think it’s an excellent RPG and when it comes to shaping your story and making decisions, instead of following a pre-determined path, New Vegas can easily compete with the original games and is definitely top 10 material. If the combat was more challenging, and surviving in the wasteland wasn’t so disappointingly easy, the game could actually have competed for the #1 spot.

New Vegas does have a few technical issues and may require you to tweak the ini files. If having to copy-paste a few lines and updating your drivers fill you with murderous rage, then I’d suggest waiting for a patch.
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