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NWN picks up another Best of 2002 award

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NWN picks up another Best of 2002 award

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 15 January 2003, 09:39:27

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

Just RPG has posted their Best CRPG of 2002 awards. The winner is Neverwinter Nights, and here's why:

Winner - Neverwinter Nights
Nicholas Bale: Black Isle's first attempt at 3D forgotten realms game. It has a feeling of linearity at some points, but rocks nonetheless.?

Ray Ivey: Of course it didn't live up the hype. Give it a break, the only game that actually exceeded its hype in 2002 was Metroid Prime. However, Neverwinter Nights is a beautiful, if flawed, game. Many players found the henchman system irritating, but the freedom of the well-implemented 3rd Edition rules easily made up for this problem. Add to that the three other elements of the game: The Aurora Toolset for creating custom adventures, the revolutionary Dungeon Master client, and the multiplayer option, and you've got a truly epic package.?

Eric Arevalo: Neverwinter Nights is the best RPG I have ever played whether on PC or console. This game takes over your life with masterful music by Jeremy Soule, enchanting story and stunning art by the talented team at BiowWare. The enthralling and immersive singleplayer campaign as well as the use of the included Aurora toolset for fans to make their own adventures makes Neverwinter Nights the best RPG released in 2002 or any other year. BiowWare is to be complimented for giving me the most memorable RPG experience of my life!?

Black Isle made Neverwinter Nights? News to me!

Spotted at RPG Vault

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