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JoWood is Walkin' with Jesus

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JoWood is Walkin' with Jesus

Company News - posted by Jason on Fri 22 April 2011, 07:26:34

Tags: JoWood Productions

According to RPG Watch and their German sources, JoWood is no more.
  • Negotiations with possible investors, and with them the intended restructuring plan, have failed.
  • JoWooD pulls back the application to pursue a restructuring plan.
  • Thereby the insolvency with a planned restructuring becomes an insolvency without a positive continuation prognosis.
  • This means the liquidation proceedings will start shortly.
  • The daughter company JoWooD Distribution Services GmbH files for insolvency on April 21st 2011.
  • Trading of the JoWooD shares at the Vienna Stock Exchange has been suspended.
I'd ask our resident Germans to look into this further, but they're either too busy gloating or on "eastern vacation" (which is likely a euphemism for something hideous even by German standards).
Thanks to Metro for pointing this out   
Spotted at: RPG Watch

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