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Fallout: New Vegas DLC Update

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Fallout: New Vegas DLC Update

Game News - posted by Jason on Tue 3 May 2011, 20:23:21

Tags: Fallout: New Vegas; Obsidian Entertainment

Eurogamer is sharing some details on the three Fallout: New Vegas DLCs coming this month, June, and July.

Honest Hearts takes you and your caravan into the tribal raider-ravaged landscape of Utah's Zion National Park, where the fate of the local factions lies in your hands.

Old World Blues turns you into a lab rat and has you scouring a science facility for answers.

Lonesome Road ends the courier story, as Courier Six - Ulysees - promises answers if you undertake one last mission - a task from which no other has returned.​
Thanks to Toffeli for pointing this out

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