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Spells of Gold interview

Spells of Gold interview

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 18 January 2003, 01:33:58

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We've just posted an interview with Jonquil Software about their recently released in Russia CRPG, soon to be here in the rest of the world, CRPG, Spells of Gold. Here's a taste:

4. There are three different paths described in the game; good, neutral and evil. How closely are these tied to character development and player choices? What is the scale of variation between the three pathways? How is the pathway defined in terms of choices and the player's interaction with the game world? Does the "evil" truly represent the consequences of evil choices made by the player?

Yes, there are three pathways in the game and three variants to complete it, consequently. But let us not reveal all the secrets. We hope it will be much more interesting for the players to learn everything themselves. We?ll just tell that while advancing in the game the players will come across some surprises. The choice of the way depends on the players actions. The determining factor is the hero's "karma", which depends on his doings (completion of "good" or "evil" quests, fulfillment of the task at some points of the story). In some cases the choice may depend on the player himself. Before the player reaches some definite point of the storyline development he may switch from one way to another.

As to the "evil" way the player can?t but do several really "bad" things to advance in the way. But then.... well, let it be a secret for some time.​

Never heard of it? Think Elite in a fantasy setting with RPG stuff.

Thanks Buka and Jonquil Software for the time!

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