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Prince of Qin review at Khabal Gaming

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Prince of Qin review at Khabal Gaming

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 24 January 2003, 02:08:33

Tags: Prince of Qin

Khabal Gaming has posted a brief review of Prince of Qin, giving it an 8/10. Here's a bit of it:

Choose your path carefully

The game has multiple endings, all depending on which path you embarked on during the game, boasting true Role-Playing Game (RPG) elements. Your actions truly dictate your fate in the game. Any good or evil deeds that you commit will have an effect on your destiny in the game.​

I must have missed those good and evil options, though you can be a jerk if you want to be in it. Still though, it's a fantastic CRPG, and I agree with the conclusion 100%.

Spotted at Blue's News.

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