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Drox Operative Races

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Drox Operative Races

Development Info - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 2 December 2011, 15:15:31

Tags: Drox Operative; Soldak Entertainment

For those following Soldak's latest action RPG, they have an update unveiling 2 races.




Danger Level: Low


While physically weak, the small, quiet, calm cortex make up for their diminutive size with an uncanny intelligence. They are exceptional researchers and scientists. While clever with defense, cortex are not quick to invade neighbors. They can be misunderstood as benign, but when it comes to betrayal, nothing will stay their hand to justice. Stubborn is a valid description of how fiercely they’ll hold a grudge, so care should be given to maintain a decent reputation among their kind.


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