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Legends Of Dawn Moving Pictures

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Legends Of Dawn Moving Pictures

Game News - posted by Jason on Wed 14 December 2011, 07:21:07

Tags: Legends Of Dawn

Dreamatrix would like to share with you the first in-game trailer for their open world action RPG, Legends Of Dawn.
PR blurbage:

This first part of the trilogy is set in the human and elven regions of the continent Narr. Danians, an original race, though guests in this region, are deeply entwined in the overall story. Events take the player from the glum village of Korden's Fall, through ancient tombs and dungeons once inhabited by dwarves, to the elven city Recea and the Great Northern Swamps; home of the mystical Danians. The player will stumble upon archaic scripts of dwarves, believed to be exterminated after the long war with humans, and unearth the greatest of them all. The Legend of Dawn, the divine apparatus. The player might be the one long awaited, to find and reassemble the shattered parts and dispel the looming forces of darkness over Ashglades.

Runestones, quests, inventories, potions, books, looting, shopping, crafting, reputation, boss fight – All of these RPG-elements, and so much more, are represented in Legends of Dawn.​

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