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Restricted Area interview at WorthPlaying

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Restricted Area interview at WorthPlaying

Game News - posted by Mistress on Sat 25 January 2003, 20:48:10

Tags: Restricted Area

WorthPlaying have posted an interview with Jan Beuck of master creating, about their upcoming action CRPG, Restricted Area.

12. Can you tell us some of the skills each character will be able to learn?

JB : The skills of the weapon expert will concentrate on the use of firearms. He covers range combat based fighting skills like aim, reload, throwing and critical hit as well as one skill per weapon type to enhance it.

The female tech can make use of a personal robot, identify cyber- and bioware and repair equipment but mainly has skills that are essential when you are in the Cyberspace, such as detection, attack and guard.

The PSI covers the metaphysical, magic-like abilities. These are for example: Healing, Spirit Shield, Mind Flash, Paralysis, Confusion, Invisibility and Teleport.

The martial arts master has close combat abilities, mainly melee combat and athletics. Good examples are: Evade, break through, jump, two handed combat, kick away, attack speed, regenerate life and running.

In general, it´s very important to us to avoid useless skills and give every character a different game play as well as different possibilities of being played.

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