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Telepath Tactics Announced

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Telepath Tactics Announced

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 16 April 2012, 18:53:29

Tags: Sinister Design; Telepath Tactics

Sinister Design, the company behind Telepath RPG, have announced a new title, a tactical spin-off entitled Telepath Tactics. It has been announced as "a multiplayer free-for-all" game, but apparently you can play it against AI, so it can be singleplayer too.

  • See the world of Telepath RPG as you’ve never seen it before, with gorgeous hand-drawn pixel art by Lorne Whiting!
  • Destroy walls, build bridges and lay explosives, changing the face of the battlefield to your advantage!
  • Capture the high ground to get damage and range bonuses for your ranged attacks!
  • Fling enemies off of cliffs and into environmental hazards like water and lava!
  • Inflict nasty status effects like burning, weakness and stun!
  • Control the map to grab item drops before your opponent does!
  • Build an army from 22 different classes, each with its own movement type, unique attacks, and elemental strengths and weaknesses.
  • Battle with multiple play modes, including Last Man Standing and Capture the Flag.
  • Games support up to 6 players at once. Battle up to 5 AI opponents and/or friends right on your computer in hotseat multiplayer, or have an asynchronous long-distance match via email.
Another page has the developer expand on some of the bullet points:

Deeper mechanics. There are tons of new mechanics in the game: bridge building, barricades, explosives, elevation effects, status effects, pushing and throwing of other characters and destructible objects, random item drops, environmental hazards, and much more!
Unit variety. There are 22 unique classes of units in the game, each with its own suite of attacks, stats, and elemental strengths and weaknesses.
Better AI. The game is meant to be played with friends, but you can play against up to 5 computer opponents if you want. I’ve taken the core heuristics from Telepath RPG: Servants of God and improved them for challenging single player matches that will test your tactical mettle.
Map editor. The game features an advanced map editor that allows you to create new battlefields whenever you like. The editor features multiple layers, support for custom tiles, and unlimited undo/redo. Save your maps as XML files to share with others, and grab others’ maps to use with your own copy of TT.​

They have even posted some screenshots! Head over to the official Telepath Tactics website to see if it's your thing. The game is supposed to be out by the end of 2012 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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