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Diablo III Accounts Hacked

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Diablo III Accounts Hacked

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 22 May 2012, 06:51:07

Tags: Blizzard Entertainment; Diablo III

So it looks like Blizzard hasn't been able to protect user accounts properly, as many of them are reported to have been hacked, with gold and items stolen.

Among the victims is Eurogamer's Chris Donlan:

Over the weekend Eurogamer writer Christian Donlan saw his account hacked and transferred to the control of the mysterious Anna. Her conversation with Eurogamer reviews editor Oli Welsh is documented below.


A quick glance online shows multiple reports of Diablo 3 accounts being hacked, suggesting it is a growing issue. Players have seen the loss of items stored in character inventory and stash, and gold removed as their accounts are stripped bare. Blizzard has been working to "roll back" affected characters to a point before accounts were compromised, but some progress is lost.

The reports coincided with the EU Diablo 3 servers going offline on Sunday afternoon for around four hours, preventing players from logging in (error 33). It has been suggested that the EU servers were taken offline following a SQL injection attack, but this remains unconfirmed.​

So far Blizzard hasn't commented on the hacker attack, but it probably will in the near future. Stay tuned for more drama.

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