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CD Projekt - Making A Complex Story More Accessible

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CD Projekt - Making A Complex Story More Accessible

Game News - posted by Jaesun on Wed 20 June 2012, 03:44:38

Tags: CD Projekt; Cyberpunk 2020

Speaking to Gamasutra in a recent interview, key members of CD Projekt RED explained that the studio learned some very important lessons after the release of latest blockbuster title, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Most notably, it has realized that you can't expect players to readily embrace a complex game world -- you have to ease them into it.

"We spent days discussing a general postmortem after we finished The Witcher 2," CD Projekt member of the board Adam Badowski explained. "What we learned from The Witcher series is that we need to attract people with a smoother learning curve when it comes to the storyline."

Of course, CD Projekt still wants to ensure that Cyberpunk's world remains satisfyingly complex for the game's diehard fans. Unlike in The Witcher games, however, the studio doesn't want to jam this complexity onto the game's critical path. Instead, it'll be readily available to players who choose to seek it out on their own.

By reorganizing the game's optional story elements and creating a more focused main plot, the team hopes that Cyberpunk will be able to attract and hold the attention of a much wider audience, while still upholding the studio's dedication to rich, well-realized stories and worlds.

"Just to make sure we're understood correctly by our fans, this does not mean that we are going to simplify our games. That's definitely not the case," Iwinski said. "But for some audiences, the learning curve should be improved, and particularly the introduction to the world needs to be better."​

You can read the full article here.

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