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Phase: Exodus chat log

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Phase: Exodus chat log

Codex Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 29 October 2003, 10:25:57

Tags: Phase: Exodus; Russobit-M; Svetlana Haninaeva

For those million of you who missed it, here's the unedited, scary chatlog about Phase: Exodus, that turn based, post apocalyptic CRPG being published by Russobit-M and developed by Horns and Hooves. Here's a sample of the beast:

[OdinNMA] so what exactly was a quest matrix ?
[Fishka] The way you behave during the game affects the end.
[Human_Shield] Any voice-acting in the game? Getting a good english translation?
[MetalWyrm] Fishka, will the combat be turnbased, phasebased, or real time?
[blitzkrieg] im not communist
[Fishka] Quest matrix is a number of quests which are closely connected with each other.
[Spazmo] Good question from Odin: Define "quest matrix"?
[Fishka] The combat will be turn-based.
[Spazmo] Ah
[Pooperscooper] fishka great answer
[MetalWyrm] Fishka, good choice =)
[Exitium] Morrowind had a quest matrix, of sorts.
[Spazmo] Will most quests be related to the main storyline or will there be sidequests and such?
[Exitium] Do certain quests and you're given an open path to a series of new quests.
[OdinNMA] actually SP asked that..
[MetalWyrm] Fishka, assuming you're going to have cities, will you be able to be a villain in one city and a good guyin another ?
[OdinNMA] did you guys ask what the APARp system was ?
[MetalWyrm] Odin, you can read a bit about it hre I think: http://www.russobit-m.ru/eng/games/exodus/index.shtml
[OdinNMA] well that's what I'm reading now...
[Pooperscooper] is there any screens of the game?
[Fishka] Spazmo, there will be many quests related to the storyline.​

The quest matrix has you!

Yeah, pretty cheesy comment, and way too easy, but you get what you pay for!

[Saint_Proverbius] We all ready?
[Fishka] are we ready
[Fishka] :))
[Fishka] yep!
[WolfCatBot] Ready? :)
[Saint_Proverbius] Ready to talk about Phase: Exodus, that is.
[Human_Shield] who is who
[WolfCatBot] Oh, thankies :)
[Exitium] Introductions, please.
[Fishka] So, let me introduce our developers.
[Fishka] Andrew "Digger" Popoff, the scriptwriter
[Fishka] Konstantin "fluff" Kapustin, the lead programmer and the project leader.
[Fishka] and me, Svetlana "fishka" Haninaeva, the PR of Russobit-M.
[Fishka] We're really glad you have invited us to ask the questions about Phase: Exodus... so here we are :)
[Saint_Proverbius] I'm a little curious about the camera view in those screenshots. If it's over the shoulder, wouldn't that make it awkward for controlling turn based combat?
[Human_Shield] says "classic 3rd person" under features
[Pooperscooper] overt the sholder is classic?
[Mad_Max_RW] I thought they meant more top down
[Mad_Max_RW] "classic"
[Fishka] These screens are from the engine. So, Human_Shield, you are right - that will be the classic 3rd person view, not over the shoulder.
[Chadeo] So iso-metric?
[Exitium] Just like Fallout, or just like Jedi Knight 2?
[fluff] actually it's fully 3d
[Spazmo] Well sure, but from what POV is the game presented?
[Chadeo] so the player has camra controll? Or will it be fixed isometric camra in a 3-d world?
[Pooperscooper] type faster devs
[Fishka] Spazmo, what do you mean?
[Mad_Max_RW] most people when they hear third person think behind view
[Exitium] We'd like an example of how the game view is like - cite existing games as examples of how the game looks like.
[Spazmo] I mean will the camera be positioned right behind the character's shoulder?
[Spazmo] Or from above the character, letting the player see more of the area around the character?
[Saint_Proverbius] Gothic and Morrowind did 3rd person. Isometric is like Fallout, Arcanum, Baldur's Gate, and so on.
[Exitium] Isometric like Fallout/JA2/TOEE/Baldur's Gate, or 3rd Person e.g. Tomb Raider.
[Spazmo] Yeah
[Human_Shield] I'm thinking silent storm style rotating top view
[Fishka] Wait, they'll answer :)
[fluff] it'll be like in Dungeon Siege
[fluff] actually
[MetalWyrm] yo bitches
[Saint_Proverbius] Okay, cool.
[MetalWyrm] I mean.... civilized gentlemen
[Pooperscooper] sup wyrmn
[Exitium] Ah, good.
[Exitium] good answer, fluff.
[fluff] I hope so :)
[Human_Shield] the team going to say ready for next ?
[Pooperscooper] fluff u guys russian?
[Fishka] sure :)
[fluff] extremly russians :)
[Percolator_Fish] oh btw
[Fishka] yep, we're all Russian :)
[Pooperscooper] is the game coming out in russia or america first?
[Pooperscooper] is the translation going to be good?
[Fishka] We still cannot answer this question - as far as the release is still far far away :)
[fluff] translation will be nice ;)
[Fishka] and, the translation quality will depend on our worldwide publisher.
[Pooperscooper] who wll translate it?
[Fishka] Our worldwide publisher, I suppose.
[Saint_Proverbius] Please say it's not Atari.. They've taken way too long to get Gothic 2 out in the US.
[Doyle] You don't have a publisher line up yet?
[Pooperscooper] ya, make sure to pick your publisher wisely
[Pooperscooper] it can make or break ur game
[Doyle] lined, even
[Fishka] Doyle, I cannot answer this question, until something will be announced officially.
[Fishka] Besides, we'll tel you know :)
[Fishka] let even
[Exitium] That's all NDA stuff, Doyle.
[Saint_Proverbius] Sure you can, I doubt they read RPG Codex anyway.
[WolfCatBot] Twirltwirl clang :D Can I asky things? :)
[Fishka] hehe, I will not ;))
[Spazmo] Only really hardcore people read the RPG Codex, which means nobody with any real power
[Exitium] I don't see why not Wolf.
[Pooperscooper] where just americans
[WolfCatBot] Thankies sir :)
[Mad_Max_RW] how far along is development, anyway
[Mad_Max_RW] kind effects what publishers think about it
[WolfCatBot] Umm... do you just pick one out of four hero guys, or can you make your own also? :D
[Saint_Proverbius] Depends on the publisher, Max! :D
[Fishka] about what?
[Pooperscooper] will the publisher be native?
[Saint_Proverbius] Russobit-M is publishing in Russia.
[Fishka] Russia and CIS
[OdinNMA] Hey guys and gals..chat started ?
[Spazmo] Yes
[Saint_Proverbius] Yeah
[Pooperscooper] no odin
[WolfCatBot] I think so, sir :)
[OdinNMA] ah poop..
[Pooperscooper] heh
[EEVIAC] Why are post-apoc settings so popular in Russia?
[Pooperscooper] russians do you still hold grudges against america?
[Exitium] What the hell kind of questions are these?
[fluff] surely
[fluff] Four heroes are avatars actually. they define the way the plot goes. you can define all characteristics, though
[Pooperscooper] so there only 4 paths?
[WolfCatBot] Okies, whirrr :) Thankies sir :)
[Pooperscooper] so there only 4 paths?
[Exitium] Well it certainly sounds better than having 'multiple endings' with limited variation in the story path.
[Pooperscooper] well if there only going to be 4 they better be damn good
[OdinNMA] Are there any other things/quests that can change the outcome of the story ?
[WolfCatBot] I hope there are artsy main characters! :D Like Vincent :) When he was a Turky :) Way cool :D
[fluff] Each avatar gains it's own perks -- so it's like "class" in AD&D system
[Pooperscooper] where talking about paths yo
[Spazmo] About those multiple endings, will they be Deus Ex style (that is, arbitrary choice made right at the end) or will your actions throughout the game affect your ending?
[MetalWyrm] fluff, so you get 4 heroes but you can customize them to full extent?
[Fishka] You know... There will be the quests matrix, so I can't speak about this game as about the game with some kind of linear plot :)
[Fishka] MetalWyrm, yes
[Spazmo] Fishka, that's good, very, very good
[Exitium] That should answer your question Spaz. :D
[Pooperscooper] what type of games do you guys like to play?
[Saint_Proverbius] What exactly is a quest matrix?
[MetalWyrm] just to verify, combat is turn based?
[Exitium] Thanks for the RPGDot question of the day, Pooperscooper.
[Fishka] easier, guys, let them answer and let me translate :)
[Pooperscooper] i'm just maker sure they are guys who like retard games
[MetalWyrm] lol
[Spazmo] Nice one, Poop
[WolfCatBot] Tilt? ?:)
[MetalWyrm] he always knows what to say =)
[fluff] yeah, you're right, all stats are fully customizable
[OdinNMA] so what exactly was a quest matrix ?
[Fishka] The way you behave during the game affects the end.
[Human_Shield] Any voice-acting in the game? Getting a good english translation?
[MetalWyrm] Fishka, will the combat be turnbased, phasebased, or real time?
[blitzkrieg] im not communist
[Fishka] Quest matrix is a number of quests which are closely connected with each other.
[Spazmo] Good question from Odin: Define "quest matrix"?
[Fishka] The combat will be turn-based.
[Spazmo] Ah
[Pooperscooper] fishka great answer
[MetalWyrm] Fishka, good choice =)
[Exitium] Morrowind had a quest matrix, of sorts.
[Spazmo] Will most quests be related to the main storyline or will there be sidequests and such?
[Exitium] Do certain quests and you're given an open path to a series of new quests.
[OdinNMA] actually SP asked that..
[MetalWyrm] Fishka, assuming you're going to have cities, will you be able to be a villain in one city and a good guyin another ?
[OdinNMA] did you guys ask what the APARp system was ?
[MetalWyrm] Odin, you can read a bit about it hre I think: http://www.russobit-m.ru/eng/games/exodus/index.shtml
[OdinNMA] well that's what I'm reading now...
[Pooperscooper] is there any screens of the game?
[Fishka] Spazmo, there will be many quests related to the storyline.
[Mad_Max_RW] are there ingame movies or cutscenes? If so will they be animated within the game engine or done up all fancy like?
[OdinNMA] Screens: http://www.russobit-m.ru/eng/games/exodus/shoots.shtml
[Fishka] Actually, there will be many sidequests, too :)
[Fishka] Right you are, Odin! I'll take you as my PR representative :)))
[Pooperscooper] is that an affect your aiming for?
[Spazmo] So what were your inspirations for Exodus?
[OdinNMA] Great, good thing I'm close by..
[Exitium] I have a question pertaining to the Turn-Based combat system: how extensive is it? Is it like Jagged Alliance 2 and Temple of elemental evil with many tactical features, or is it more simplistic like Fallout?
[Exitium] e.g. can I climb on roofs and shoot people?
[Pooperscooper] is the game based in mostly city enviroments?
[fluff] turn-based combat have many tactical soulutions
[Pooperscooper] fluff u the man
[Exitium] Can you cite some examples of these tactical solutions, fluff?
[fluff] e.g. using grenades, sneaking in shadows...
[Fishka] MetalWyrm, aout the cities and behaviour.. yep. You can behave as you like in any city...
[WolfCatBot] Crouching? :)
[OdinNMA] can you also talk your way out of a situation ?
[Exitium] What about more advanced tactics, like Flanking?
[fluff] yeah, crouching :)
[Exitium] And shooting through windows.
[WolfCatBot] Thankies :)
[Spazmo] Good question: will there be a speech skill? Will diplomatic type characters be provided for?
[digger] yeah
[Human_Shield] charisma is an attribute
[Fishka] Sure it will be.
[Fishka] There will be a set of diplomatic skills.
[Pooperscooper] list now
[Exitium] About the Turn-based combat again: Does it have a Y-Axis? In other words, can you snipe from towers, receive advantages from shooting from higher ground, or is it all flat land?
[Fishka] First, that's Charisma.
[Mad_Max_RW] I think the site mentions shooting from windows or something
[digger] there are only speech and barter skills
[Spazmo] Games like Fallout or Arcanum tried to provide peaceful alternatives to everything--in Fallout, you could get through the end locations without firing a single shot by using stealth and diplomacy. Will non-combat solutions be useful to this extent in Exodus?
[fluff] yeah, you surely can shoot from any floor
[Pooperscooper] wow so professional spazmo
[MetalWyrm] a graphics questions, will there be camera rotation and zoom? and if I'm inside a building, will the roof disappear to reveal my character inside?
[Fishka] Second, that's social group of skills...
[Fishka] like Communication, Barter...
[Pooperscooper] whats the story going to be like?
[Exitium] Fluff: Can you crouch, lie on the ground (prone) and hide behind objects for defense and protection?
[OdinNMA] But will you recieve any advantages to sniping from a higher ground ?
[Fishka] Pooperscooper, what do you mean? Narrow your question
[Mad_Max_RW] what kind of musical score will the game have?
[Fishka] wait, wait :)
[Pooperscooper] like will it deal with secret governments or more local problems and stuff
[MetalWyrm] too many questions at once
[Mad_Max_RW] just ignore pooper's questions and it'll go a lot faster :P
[Fishka] Any quest can be passed by some ways. There will be no linear quests:)
[Pooperscooper] mine questions are the good ones
[Pooperscooper] fishka that wasn;t my questions
[Spazmo] Great, thanks Fishka
[Pooperscooper] give us examples of how the story wil be like
[Pooperscooper] NOW
[Exitium] I will hurt you, Pooper.
[Pooperscooper] these are legit questions
[Fishka] Pooperscooper, sure it will deal with both. The local prolems are like the problems of mankind, especially there will be not a lot of men left after the catastrophe :)
[Spazmo] To paraphrase: could we get a rough outline of the storyline at the start of the game?
[Exitium] Yes, but don't be rude. Thanks.
[Pooperscooper] cool thanks fishka
[Spazmo] If said beginning will be the same for everyone
[OdinNMA] Can you modify guns/weapons ? ie add a sniper scope for more accuracy?
[Pooperscooper] stupid question spazmo
[MetalWyrm] Rex, just kb poop and we'll all be happier
[Fishka] There will be a lot of secrets and conspiracies in the game.
[digger] to take cut hearts out of 7 virgins, poops :)
[fluff] about graphics, there will be: zooming and rotating as usual :), roofs *will* disappear...
[Fishka] Wait, let me translate the answers :)
[MetalWyrm] fluff, great =)
[fluff] i'm trying
[Exitium] Please answer me and Odin's questions about the combat :)
[Fishka] You cannot lie on the ground, but sure you can hide over the objects..
[fluff] but you could crouch :)
[Fishka] The music in the game tends to be ambient - just what you need for the post-apocalypticv setting
[Doyle] Will there be weapons with multiple modes of attack? Like rifles with bayonets?
[Exitium] I love ambient, you make me very happy to hear that, Fishka.
[Exitium] If I must ask - who is the composer?
[WolfCatBot] No electric guitaries? ?:)
[fluff] trust me -- you don't know him :)
[Fishka] The guys have their own composer :)
[Mad_Max_RW] what kind of style
[Pooperscooper] micheal bolton?
[Exitium] Well Fluff, if he's got some published work I'd certainly like to hear it :)
[Exitium] Mad Max: Ambient.
[Fishka] ...but soon you'll hear about him :)))
[Exitium] Ambient is very, very hard to define.
[Mad_Max_RW] ok, what does ambient mean
[Exitium] Fallout was ambient.
[Fishka] slow, calm music
[Mad_Max_RW] ok
[Spazmo] Background music
[Exitium] So was PS:Torment, TOEE, etc.
[WolfCatBot] Quiet quiet :D As a quiet mousey :)
[Mad_Max_RW] THAT answers my question
[Exitium] Spaz: bad definitino.
[Spazmo] Meant to complement the rest of the game rather than draw attention to itself
[Mad_Max_RW] thanks
[Fishka] makes you plunge in the atmosphere...
[Exitium] Yeah, what Fishka said.
[Mad_Max_RW] how about my cutscene question?
[OdinNMA] so, will we get any advantages while sniping from a higher ground ? And can you modify weapons?
[Fishka] which one? I must have missed it (
[Exitium] Yeah, and can you hide behind objects and use terrain for cover?
[Mad_Max_RW] are they done ingame or more theatrical type o stuff?
[fluff] you could modify your weapons with some devices like sniping scopes
[digger] yes, you can hide
[Exitium] What about Odin's question?
[Mad_Max_RW] ingame movies, I mean
[Exitium] About advantages gained from terrain and height.
[Exitium] More line of sight, for example...
[Fishka] Exit, what do you mean?
[Fishka] The cutscenes will be not so theatrical. Ingame ones are ok.
[Saint_Proverbius] I.e. Bob in the tower gets a bonus to hitting Carl on the ground because Bob is higher up.
[fluff] Exitum, more line of sight -- surely :)
[Exitium] What Saint said.
[Exitium] More damage from above, better accuracy...
[Exitium] Is that implemented?
[fluff] that's right
[Exitium] Sweet.
[Saint_Proverbius] Bob can also toss grenades farther because of the height. Things like that.
[OdinNMA] :)
[Exitium] Are there any smoke grenades?
[fluff] there smoke-, gas-, flash-, explosive- grenades
[Exitium] What about bullets which ricochet or grenades that roll?
[Exitium] e.g. the grenade doesn't explode the moment it hits the ground
[fluff] bullets can hit through some walls or something, but no ricochet
[OdinNMA] Any vehicles/drivable vehicles ?
[Exitium] Good enough for me.
[Mad_Max_RW] how about horsies?
[Exitium] Yeah to add to the vehicles question: are there mountable defenses / turrets
[Mad_Max_RW] and can I name my horse butterscotch?
[WolfCatBot] Horsies are cute :)
[Mad_Max_RW] always wanted a horse named butterscotch
[WolfCatBot] :D
[digger] air baloon, train, vehicle, ship
[Fishka] You can only move between locations, though.
[Doyle] Again, will there be weapons with multiple modes of attack? For example, rifles with bayonets or hitting someone with a pistol?
[fluff] yeah
[OdinNMA] Are you free to roam the "wasteland" as you see fit ?
[OdinNMA] or is it more a mission to mission style of game ?
[Fishka] Doyle, yes, there will be some.
[fluff] Our "wasteland" calls "Taiga" :)
[Spazmo] Taiga? We have that in Canada
[Spazmo] Mossy
[OdinNMA] isn't that the frosen soil stuff ?
[Saint_Proverbius] Permafrost
[Spazmo] Pretty much
[OdinNMA] doh!
[Spazmo] Lots of moss
[WolfCatBot] Is the game animal friendly? :) I didn't like hurting wolfies in Shadows of Undrentide :( Or Lionheart ;_;
[Spazmo] Is Phase: Exodus very mossy?
[Exitium] Tundra.
[Spazmo] I didn't like Shadows of Undrentide or Lionheart at all. But that's something else.
[Fishka] Don't mess tundra and taiga ;)
[WolfCatBot] Hehe :)
[OdinNMA] Wolf, you gots to hurt to love...
[Exitium] Oh, yeah, it's not the same.
[OdinNMA] :)
[Spazmo] The only thing I remember from geography class is that taiga = moss
[Fishka] no.
[Exitium] Taiga's in between the Tundra and the Siberian steppes.
[OdinNMA] so, can you roam the Taiga as you see fit ?
[WolfCatBot] Ummm :)
[Mad_Max_RW] what happened to NOT going off topic?
[Fishka] Taiga is ... a lot of trees
[Exitium] Well, that's an example.
[Fishka] You can roam freely.
[fluff] You *could* roam
[fluff] :)
[OdinNMA] could ? elaborate..
[Fishka] But, there are quests
[Exitium] Are there any encounters in the taiga?
[Fishka] and there is a plot.
[Exitium] Besides monsters.
[Saint_Proverbius] Are there monsters?
[Fishka] You must remember about them in order to play the game)))
[OdinNMA] yeah, any Rosh'es ?
[Spazmo] Hoho
[Fishka] Mutes, actually :)
[Spazmo] What kind of mutants?
[Exitium] They qualify.
[Fishka] Mutants.. and there will be monsters.
[WolfCatBot] Are some of them nice? :)
[digger] bears, dogs, wolfes ... i think
[Fishka] You know, when the catastrophe took place...
[WolfCatBot] ;_;
[WolfCatBot] Friendly bears and dogs and wolves? :D
[digger] cause of radiation
[Fishka] There was a lot of waste.
[Exitium] Is terrain destructable?
[Exitium] I gotta ask that one.
[Fishka] Yep, digger is right. There were a lot of mutations because of radiations.
[digger] ...chemicles
[fluff] WolfCat, our animals are not so friendly ;)
[OdinNMA] I can see it now, Mutant Reindeers attack..
[Fishka] some people have mutated too.
[WolfCatBot] ;_;
[WolfCatBot] Thankies :'(
[OdinNMA] any paramilitary bases and such conspiracy stories?
[digger] exit, about destructions... there is only decals
[Exitium] Oh...
[Exitium] Damn.
[fluff] Exit, but you could explode some house... if you want :)
[Fishka] Well... you can destroy buildings for example... not the entire buildings ^)
[digger] but, we hope, it will looks well
[Saint_Proverbius] Sweet
[Fishka] fluff is right:))
[fluff] I'm always right :)
[Exitium] Ah that is what I wanted to know, Fishka.
[digger] I got it, flu
[Saint_Proverbius] What are the classes in the game?
[Exitium] Like blowing up walls - that's in the game, right?
[Fishka] that's the project leader! :))
[OdinNMA] Tell us more about the multiplayer aspect of the game..?
[fluff] Yes, it is in game and it's absolutely realtime
[Exitium] Excellent. I like blowing shit up.
[fluff] Odin, multiplayer will be a kind of "cooperative"
[WolfCatBot] There's multiplayer? ?:)
[fluff] :)
[WolfCatBot] Oops :D Wow, there is :)
[OdinNMA] how many players ?
[fluff] It depends on how you want to play it, max 8
[OdinNMA] And what do you mean by "kind of cooperative" ?
[Exitium] Is there a matchmaking server like Battle.net?
[OdinNMA] so I'm guessing there are deathmatches, CTF and such ?
[Human_Shield] how will realtime work with the rules?
[Saint_Proverbius] Realtime destruction of terrain, HS.
[Fishka] There will be no server like Battlenet.. we don't plan it
[Pooperscooper] concentrtate on the single player
[Fishka] Yes, and there will e the deathmatch - there will be the small zones
[Pooperscooper] fishka it's a waste of time
[Fishka] where the players are able to divide into small groups and fight.
[fluff] Odin, yes you could
[Exitium] I agree with Pooper.
[Exitium] Multiplayer is a throwaway feature in this sort of game.
[OdinNMA] max players on that ?
[Saint_Proverbius] Coop is nice, though.
[Fishka] Pooperscooper, so why do you sit there and waste your time? :) no offence..
[Pooperscooper] cause i;m trying to help you
[Human_Shield] MP turn based... is it squad turn-based?
[Pooperscooper] if you try and do multiplayer ur game w/ill suck
[Pooperscooper] the odds are already against u
[fluff] Odin, deathmatch - 16, cooperative - 8
[Exitium] I like Pooper's honesty.
[fluff] I'm too :)
[OdinNMA] damn, 8 player cooperative..
[Spazmo] Makes for a fair-sized adventuring party
[Fishka] OdinNMA, yes, one can pass the game in cooperative mode)))
[Saint_Proverbius] Is there friendly fire?
[Exitium] Okay, got a question about the cooperative mode - how does difficulty scale with the amount of players?
[fluff] surely
[Spazmo] Seems to me eight people will need more phat loot than one. Will coop groups get more swag than single PCs?
[Human_Shield] squad or indiviual TB?
[Spazmo] basically, is the game adjusted for coop multiplay vs. standard single player?
[Fishka] Exit, I just wanted to tell that to Odin :)
[fluff] Spazmo, there 4 points in plot :)
[Exitium] 4 chapters?
[Fishka] nope.
[Spazmo] Not the story. More in terms of number of enemies and amount of loot to divide in the party
[Fishka] You can choose one of the four ways you go in the eginning
[Exitium] oh, that.
[Fishka] by choosing a character.
[Exitium] right.
[Fishka] About cooperative..
[Saint_Proverbius] I.e. will there be enough ammo, grenades, etc. in cooperative to support eight players?
[Fishka] The more players tere are, the more hard it is to play )
[Exitium] Tougher monsters, more thigns to fight, etc?
[Fishka] Saint, for sure! The game is eing balanced that way.
[Fishka] Exit, right.
[Spazmo] Okay, thanks
[fluff] Exitum, you're right
[WolfCatBot] Are character appearances customisable? ?:)
[WolfCatBot] Zable? ?:)
[WolfCatBot] I forgot ;_;
[OdinNMA] Can you steal in this game and use stealth to get around obstacles/enemies ?
[Exitium] A question about the game's art: are there character portraits and if so, are they hand-drawn art?
[Fishka] You can choose the face.
[Fishka] And the appearance depends on the armor you have.
[WolfCatBot] Thankies :D
[Fishka] There are a lot of stealth missions, yes.
[Human_Shield] is the good-quality looking military gear seen in the screen shots only one fraction, do we see more tattered equipment?
[Fishka] And there's even a skill of theft:)
[Exitium] sweet.
[Exitium] Is there any HACKING in the game?
[Fishka] hacking what? ))
[fluff] Exit, there are almost nothing to hack :)
[OdinNMA] does day/night mean anything in stealth quests ? ie can you use shadows and such ?
[Exitium] Oh heheh..
[Exitium] Thought maybe there'd be some old military equipment to hack :P
[fluff] Odin, yes you could use shadow and light to help in your stealth tasks
[OdinNMA] sweet
[OdinNMA] If you play single player, can you have a "party" ? and can you control those or just give orders ?
[Exitium] woah.
[fluff] Party. Yes. Up to 4 chars
[Fishka] OdinNMA, about your question
[OdinNMA] so are these characters controllable then ?
[Exitium] I'd prefer if they weren't - but then they'd have to have some pretty good AI for that to work well.
[fluff] Odin, party controlling is implemented like in Fallout...
[Fishka] yes, you can hide in the shadows... you will depend on the day/night cycle)
[Exitium] Fluff: Can you issue orders to your party and tell them what tactics to use?
[OdinNMA] so that would mean they aren't controllable..cause they aren't in Fallout..
[Exitium] Fishka: Is there a difference in what you encounter (NPCs, monsters, etc) based on the day/night cycle?
[Saint_Proverbius] I love games that do things like Fallout.
[OdinNMA] me too....aaah..the love.....
[fluff] Odin, right, but you could customize their behaviour
[Fishka] Well, at first - you'll be able to control some NPCs...
[Fishka] to make a party.
[Exitium] In Fallout 2 you can customize their behaviour, yeah
[OdinNMA] customize yes, control no..
[Fishka] There will be the difference, Exit.
[Fishka] It also depends on where you are on the global map.
[Exitium] Please clarify.
[Fishka] There are different monsters in different locations, and there are different monsters you meet in the day and in the night.
[OdinNMA] Any particular reason why you guys chose western Syberia as the location for the game ?
[Exitium] What about NPCs, Fishka?
[Exitium] do you meet different people at night?
[fluff] Odin, you should wait for a while :))
[Exitium] e.g. will the man who is standing outside his house during the day be inside with hsi family at night.
[Fishka] They depend on the cycle too.
[Fishka] Yep.
[Exitium] Cool.
[OdinNMA] hehe
[Exitium] I would love to see that FULLY implemented.
[Exitium] With people walkign around with torches at night, for example.
[Fishka] We're working on it;))
[Exitium] That's good to hear.
[HnH_GauSS] hi all
[Exitium] hi Gauss.
[WolfCatBot] Will party members talk to you and stuff? :) That's cute, methinks :D
[WolfCatBot] Hihi Gauss sir :)
[OdinNMA] if you slaughter alot of people do others hear about it ? ie you get more respect in other areas, or they fear you and such ?
[fluff] we have chosen the Baikal lake because the prehistory is based at the Einstein's theory which tells that this will be one of the regions which will stay untouched. Of course, there will be some changes in climate, and in landscape.
[fluff] Plus, the Baikal lake is where there is a lot of _non-polluted_ fresh water
[Saint_Proverbius] That's one thing I've always hated about CRPGs.. If you walk in to a town and kill off all the guards, the people in the town start attacking. You'd think they'd cower like schoolgirls afterwards.
[OdinNMA] oh, good answer..
[Exitium] haha
[Exitium] That came out of nowhere.
[Exitium] Good to know, though.
[Exitium] I SUPPOSE.
[Saint_Proverbius] It's a comment on Odin's question, GEENYOUS.
[WolfCatBot] About Westerny Siberia :D
[WolfCatBot] I think :)
[Exitium] Saint: Oh yeah, just scrolled up.
[OdinNMA] yup
[Saint_Proverbius] About slaughtering people.
[Fishka] OdinNMA, that depends on location.
[Exitium] Anyway, it's nice to see that you guys did your research.
[Fishka] You see, that depends on connection between locations actually.
[fluff] Exit, we didn't :) Einstein did it :)
[Fishka] Don't wait for the mutants to be scared of you if you slaughter somebody in human settlement :)
[Exitium] Be nice if more people put this much thought into their games (thinly veiled attack on FOBOS)
[Pooperscooper] ther mutants in the game?
[OdinNMA] but ,as SP said, if you kill off the guars will people close by attack you or size you up and run ?
[Fishka] Pooperscooper, yes!
[Pooperscooper] cool
[Fishka] A lot of them!
[fluff] About bloody mess, it's strongly depends on *kind* of NPC
[Fishka] OdinNMA, the NPCs have strong AI
[OdinNMA] great, great...
[OdinNMA] Can you build things from other parts, ie make a molotov cocktail or something like that ?
[Fishka] they can see if you are strong enough to fight them...
[fluff] inhabitants will hide or simply runaway
[OdinNMA] run you cowards!
[Saint_Proverbius] Well, even the bravest peasant worker is going to think twice about messing with someone that just took out the local militia. :)
[Fishka] Yes, you can make things.
[Exitium] Oh yeah, can you force your enemies to surrender during combat?
[Fishka] ie. you put 1 thing plus 1 thing and that works:)
[Pooperscooper] is there prositutes
[OdinNMA] oooh, me loves it..
[fluff] mine too :)
[OdinNMA] poop: sex sells, eh ?
[Fishka] but you can use that thing in this 1+1 thing scheme again:)
[Pooperscooper] ya
[WolfCatBot] Sometimes :)
[Pooperscooper] i'm seeing if the sex trend is worldwide
[OdinNMA] Why does that sound like Chuckie..
[Exitium] So, about the surrendering thing - can you make your enemies surrender to you?
[Exitium] DURING combat.
[Fishka] Pooperscooper, how do you think we reproduce in Russia?:)))
[Pooperscooper] prolly women with big hairy legs and shit
[Pooperscooper] asexual?
[Pooperscooper] heh
[OdinNMA] and a third boob..
[Exitium] Pooper: Russian women are hot, dude.
[fluff] there is only one way to surrender during combat -- kill :)
[OdinNMA] mutants, remember..
[Pooperscooper] not all russians
[Fishka] :))
[Exitium] fluff: ah, heheh.
[Exitium] Can enemies pack up and flee?
[Pooperscooper] can you talk enemies out of fighting?
[Fishka] Exit, what do you mean?
[Fishka] Pooperscooper, yes, that's what the diplomacy for:)
[Exitium] I mean, if they all start dying, can they run away from combat?
[OdinNMA] are there moral issues in combat? ie can an enemy panic and drop everything and run ? or a team member ?
[Fishka] yes.
[OdinNMA] ah Rex..I was just about to ask that..
[fluff] Odin, yes they could :)
[Pooperscooper] fishka even when it just some lowely peasent?
[OdinNMA] lubly..
[Exitium] Peasants are the backbone of a community, Pooper. nothing lowly about them.
[Pooperscooper] like they got hostile then u can talk them out of fighting
[Exitium] Expendable, but not lowly.
[Pooperscooper] same thing
[Fishka] you can try to, at least :()
[Fishka] :)
[Pooperscooper] fishka make it happen
[Exitium] heh.
[Pooperscooper] it owuld be cool
[WolfCatBot] Can your character be nice? :D
[fluff] WolfCat, it depends on you
[OdinNMA] what kind of guns can we expect ? only real ones or fictional ones as well ?
[WolfCatBot] Yay :D Thankies sir :)
[fluff] Odin. Guns. Both :) Real ones and fictional ones
[Pooperscooper] lasers?
[OdinNMA] Any alien encounters ? lol..
[Saint_Proverbius] Will you have to have food on you? Gather food to survive? And eat and stuff?
[Exitium] I hope not.
[fluff] Odin, never ;)
[OdinNMA] puh..
[Fishka] Saint, nope. But you'll need to sleep.
[OdinNMA] Any mind control stuff ie psionics stuff ? to control an enemy and such..
[Fishka] any more questions?
[Human_Shield] Any voice-acting in the game? Getting a good english translation?
[WolfCatBot] What are the death animations like? :)
[Saint_Proverbius] Did you guys say what classes there were?
[Fishka] a loooot of questions :) great:)
[WolfCatBot] Woofles :D
[Fishka] Human_Shield, you see - the translation depends on publisher.
[fluff] exploding heads :))
[WolfCatBot] Wows! :)
[Human_Shield] any voice acting, or just text?
[Exitium] Exploding Heads.
[WolfCatBot] Thankies sir :)
[Exitium] Two words I like.
[Pooperscooper] will their be dog companions?
[Exitium] I do hope there's more death animations than that, though.
[Exitium] :)
[WolfCatBot] Whirr :D
[Fishka] Saint_Proverbius, there are no classes, actually... you can choose the characters and thecaracteristics, if that's what you wanted to ask.
[fluff] Exit, exploding hands? :)
[OdinNMA] well, I gots to be getting to bed..laters guys
[Exitium] fluff: if it works.
[Pooperscooper] bye odin
[Fishka] Exit, there will be Exploding Heads!
[WolfCatBot] Goodnight, sir :)
[Saint_Proverbius] What's this about the four character architypes then?
[OdinNMA] thanks for all the answers !
[Pooperscooper] my pleasure odin
[OdinNMA] ah poop..
[fluff] Odin, you're welcome
[Fishka] OdinNMA, c ya!
[Fishka] but, there also will be the hands and legs flying around.. )))
[Human_Shield] are the 4 characters just fraction ratings? Starting location and goals?
[Pooperscooper] have u guys seen tubgirl, goatse?
[Spazmo] Stop right there, Poopykins
[Fishka] Human_Shield, yep.
[Pooperscooper] ok ok
[Human_Shield] so different start locations? Would coop have to have all same character?
[Fishka] Well, different locations and goals, right you are. In coop - still there will be 4 kinds of avatars
[Fishka] You can make groups out of these avatars.
[Fishka] BUT!
[Fishka] the goal is still one for all
[Saint_Proverbius] And all for one?
[Fishka] :))) yep
[Human_Shield] premade name? appearance?
[Pooperscooper] 3 musketerr candy bar in russia?
[Fishka] We were talking about appearance already..
[Exitium] You can name your avatar, right?
[fluff] rught
[Exitium] I mean, there's no preset character or anything is there?
[Fishka] You'll be able to choose the face of the character, and ear is the armor you have.
[Fishka] gear
[Fishka] :)
[WolfCatBot] Can you make femaley characters? :)
[fluff] nope
[Pooperscooper] the girls in the game aren't going to be big breasted hoes are they?
[Exitium] No females?
[Human_Shield] so we are just picking roles like "mutant fraction" etc...?
[WolfCatBot] Yow, thankies ;_;
[Pooperscooper] sweat no girls
[Fishka] Nope. All the characters are human
[Exitium] What about a love interest/romance story, does one exist?
[Fishka] There will be NPC girls
[Saint_Proverbius] Love stinks.
[Pooperscooper] big boobs?
[Exitium] Yeah well you gotta ask the questions, Saint.
[Fishka] they can appear even in your team...
[fluff] BIG!
[WolfCatBot] Love is cute :D
[Exitium] I might not like romances in a game, but ya gotta know.
[Fishka] but this is men's game :)
[Exitium] No stinky romances then?
[WolfCatBot] Are there flowers? :)
[Saint_Proverbius] Yeah, real men don't care about love, just big hooters!
[Exitium] Right on.
[WolfCatBot] Me is male... :)
[Pooperscooper] werd, just give me a man with big tits
[Fishka] to bring them to girls?;)
[Exitium] Spazmo likes dicks, though.
[WolfCatBot] Yes ma'am :)
[Fishka] no romances, Exit :)
[Exitium] Good.
[WolfCatBot] So bring flower, and then hughug :D
[Fishka] no flowers to the girls :)
[WolfCatBot] Or maybe just a thank you... :D
[Spazmo] I like Rex's dick only
[Pooperscooper] any transportation devices?
[WolfCatBot] Oh, thankies ma'am :)
[Spazmo] So don't get your hopes up, folks
[Fishka] WolfCatBot, that's much better to do it in real life :)))
[WolfCatBot] Yiss :D
[Fishka] Poop, yep, between locations
[Pooperscooper] like what?
[Fishka] vehicles;)
[WolfCatBot] But umm... :) I don't know, I like it :)
[Pooperscooper] so cars?
[fluff] you might know, called UAZ :)
[Fishka] UAZ is a big lorry )
[Exitium] [Fishka] but this is men's game :) [-- my favorite quote.
[Saint_Proverbius] For the record, I've only gotten my wife flowers once, and that's mainly because there's a flower shop near here and I didn't feel like driving very far for a gift.
[fluff] it's russian conversion of hummer ;)
[Pooperscooper] what about dogs?
[Fishka] Saint, I have received flowers from my boyfriend.. um... twice. yes. because we have the flower shop near here too :)
[fluff] and what about dogs?
[Pooperscooper] every game needs a dog companion
[Exitium] yeah, guys don't really like giving flowers.
[fluff] :))))
[WolfCatBot] Why nots? ?:)
[Exitium] Mainly because we think it's pointless aside from the fact that the girl might like them,
[Pooperscooper] people like the connection to dogs
[Pooperscooper] just put it in
[Pooperscooper] u'll thank me later
[Saint_Proverbius] Flowers are a guy's way of saying, "I bought you a gift I didn't have to think much about."
[Exitium] Ifmy girlfriend's a computer geek I'd buy her an upgrade for her CPU.
[fluff] exclusively for poop :)
[Fishka] Saint, you're right :)
[Exitium] But beyond that, it's hard to figure out what you're supposed to get.
[Fishka] as for me, I don't like flowers :)
[Exitium] So as saint said, getting flowers is more or less, playing it safe.
[Fishka] so that's great there will be none in the game :)
[Pooperscooper] but only when there on sale
[WolfCatBot] I thought it was way of saying "Wuv you, whirr :D" :) Maybe without the whirr :)
[Exitium] Pooper: of course.
[Exitium] who's crazy enough to buy 200 dollar roses?
[Fishka] there will be dogs, Poop, specially for you :)
[WolfCatBot] Mememe :D
[Pooperscooper] thanks fishka
[Pooperscooper] your game just might be good
[WolfCatBot] Can doggies gain levels, ma'am? :)
[Pooperscooper] if u cut the multiplay
[fluff] flowers are nice, but exploding heads much better ;)
[Fishka] because there are dogs?:)
[Fishka] Wolf, bwahaha :))))
[Saint_Proverbius] Can you run over things in the UAZ? Like people? And animals?
[WolfCatBot] Bwahaha? ?:D
[Exitium] Hha.
[WolfCatBot] Me just think it would be nice, so your puppy isn't in too much danger :)
[Exitium] Roadkill.
[Human_Shield] and then eat the animals Saint?
[WolfCatBot] Since you'll probably be fighting tougher and tougher enemies :)
[Exitium] Wolf's got a point - can your animal companion levle up
[Fishka] It's not the Carmageddon, guys, it's Phase: Exodus :))
[Saint_Proverbius] If it doesn't level up, you could always just run it over in the UAZ.
[Fishka] :))))
[Exitium] Which is why i'd want it to levle up.
[fluff] your _companions_ could gain level up
[Exitium] so it doesn't become a throwaway.
[Pooperscooper] will there be desert type wasteland or is it always muggy and shit?
[Fishka] In other words, you will not be able to run something over :)
[Exitium] they answered that already pooper.
[Pooperscooper] was it a yes?
[Exitium] It's Taiga.
[Exitium] The game is set in Siberia.
[WolfCatBot] Can you shoot from your car? :D
[Human_Shield] rainy
[Exitium] There's no friggin deserts.
[Pooperscooper] nukes maek deserts
[Exitium] It's a whole different kind of post-apoc.
[Fishka] Wolf, you can move only between locations
[Exitium] Notn ecessarily, pooepr, no.
[Fishka] in your car
[Saint_Proverbius] Awwww. But running things over is cool. I have fond memories of the old Interplay battletech CRPG where you could run over soldiers with your mech.
[WolfCatBot] Oh, thankies ma'am :)
[Exitium] That was an old belief.
[Pooperscooper] i guess
[Pooperscooper] can u have sex with women?
[Exitium] I have to ask a question on behalf of Spazmo: can you have sex with men?
[Pooperscooper] lol
[Saint_Proverbius] Heh
[Pooperscooper] spazmo prolly would have beads of sweat down his face for the anticaption oof the answer
[Fishka] um... as we say in Russia, "there's no sex in USSR" (c)
[fluff] :))
[Pooperscooper] u guys pussy?
[Human_Shield] so you do reproduce asexually?
[Fishka] in other words, no sex)
[Saint_Proverbius] Gotcha
[WolfCatBot] Are there robots in the game? :D
[Fishka] that's a joke, Human_Shield ))
[Saint_Proverbius] What's the point of having robots if there's no sex in the game?
[Pooperscooper] will the UEV take gas or some type of energy?
[Pooperscooper] werd saint
[WolfCatBot] They could still be companions, meowr :)
[fluff] uaz requires gas
[WolfCatBot] Robobottybots :D
[Pooperscooper] where does the gas coem from?
[Fishka] There will be robots. Guard ones.
[fluff] from the oil, usually
[WolfCatBot] Thankies :)
[Pooperscooper] so they just take oil and put it in the car?
[Fishka] :))
[Exitium] Tittybot
[WolfCatBot] Are unarmed and melee weapons possible to beat the game with? :D Or have to use guns? :)
[Fishka] You can buy gas, Poop
[Fishka] or you can steal..
[Saint_Proverbius] Out of curiousity, is there melee combat in the game? And how is that balanced with guns?
[Pooperscooper] from the peasants right?
[Pooperscooper] they carry juggs of gas
[Saint_Proverbius] Curse you, WolfCatBot. You beat me to it.
[WolfCatBot] Sowwy ;_;
[Exitium] You guys are in sync.
[Exitium] That's uncanny.
[Saint_Proverbius] There's something to be said for beating down mutants with a large hammer.
[MetalWyrm] whoa, devs are still here =P
[Fishka] You can, actually. You can wring necks, cut throats
[Exitium] Nice.
[WolfCatBot] :D
[MetalWyrm] whoa
[Saint_Proverbius] And, naturally, beating down small, furry woodland creatures.
[Pooperscooper] sweey
[MetalWyrm] super targetted shots?
[Exitium] Is there an animation for wringing necks?
[WolfCatBot] Umm umm :)
[MetalWyrm] that's fucking awesome
[Exitium] Please tell me that there is.
[WolfCatBot] I would let little critters go :)
[fluff] MetalWyrm, called "quiet kills"
[MetalWyrm] fluff, that sounds like a targetted shot as well
[Saint_Proverbius] I'm more of a LOUD MELEE kind of guy, though.
[MetalWyrm] lol
[MetalWyrm] LOUDLY smashing in a super mutant with a LOUD hammer
[Pooperscooper] will you guys fight to keep the M rating intact if a publisher try to tone it down for the US?
[Exitium] fluff: So there's an animation for wringing necks, strangling hapless bystanders and beating someone into a pulp with a stick?
[Fishka] Exit, yes!
[MetalWyrm] good question poop
[WolfCatBot] Woo :)
[Exitium] Nice.
[fluff] poop yeah we'll try
[Pooperscooper] if u dont you will loose your crediblilty along with the publisher
[MetalWyrm] besides, there's no point getting a T rating since most people who play these kinda RPGs are usually 18+
[Pooperscooper] it's a known fact
[Exitium] 18-30
[Exitium] that's the main demographic.
[WolfCatBot] Whoa :)
[MetalWyrm] it's true
[MetalWyrm] most "kiddies" under 18 tend to play crap like CS
[Exitium] teenagers just play Dance Dance Revolution and CS.
[MetalWyrm] and Diablo2
[MetalWyrm] which is an RPG, but not very indepth
[Pooperscooper] johnpnp plays DDR
[WolfCatBot] I like Counter-Strike :D It's hard though :(
[WolfCatBot] So I don't play it that much :)
[Exitium] JohnPNP is a fat, sweaty weekend dancer.
[MetalWyrm] CS isn't really hard.... it's justa matter of aiming depending on how you're movie
[MetalWyrm] WolfCatBot, just use 3 round bursts for most automatic weapons, it works
[Pooperscooper] it would be so funny to see johnpnp dance
[MetalWyrm] so long as you aim for the head or close
[MetalWyrm] Poop, funny? try sacary
[Exitium] It'd be like that Star Wars Kid video.
[MetalWyrm] *scary
[WolfCatBot] Does it take a while, sir? :)
[Pooperscooper] OR SEXY
[Exitium] Davonne ignores him.
[Pooperscooper] lol
[fluff] so
[Fishka] so guys, any more questions?
[Fishka] Horns and hooves have to work :)
[Pooperscooper] esitmate specs?
[Pooperscooper] and release date
[Fishka] to bring us the greatest game ever:)
[Fishka] what do you mean by specs?
[Pooperscooper] like what type of hardware will it require
[Pooperscooper] CPU, ram
[fluff] it's about 1ghz and card like gf2
[Saint_Proverbius] Really?
[Fishka] Let me copy the requirements for you
[Pooperscooper] thanks sugar buns
[Saint_Proverbius] Those screenshots don't look 1GHz cool.
[WolfCatBot] Can you have a weapon in each hand? :)
[fluff] WolfCat, yes you can
[Fishka] 128 Mb RAM
[Fishka] Pentium III 800MHz or higher
[Fishka] 3D videocard with 32Mb RAM (T&L, GeForce2 or higher recommended)
[Fishka] DirectX compatible sound card
[Fishka] Win98/2000/XP
[Fishka] that's it
[Saint_Proverbius] But that's probably the GF2 part of it. :D
[WolfCatBot] Thankies sir :)
[Exitium] Nice.
[Fishka] The release date is about 2005. We'll let you know it, for sure :)
[Saint_Proverbius] Will the game have bumpmapping? Because I love bumpmapping.
[Pooperscooper] 2005?
[Pooperscooper] shit dude
[Pooperscooper] hurry up
[Exitium] Be nice if it had tessellation and lighting effects.
[Exitium] You know, air ripples.
[fluff] poop we're trying
[Fishka] there will be lighting effects
[Pooperscooper] i;'m just joking with u
[fluff] i know ;)
[Fishka] but there is still no bump - we're working on it.
[Pooperscooper] but by 2005 those graphics wont age well
[Exitium] you gota have some T&L and real-time environment disruption.
[Saint_Proverbius] Lighting without bumpmapping is like a post apocalyptic game with vehicles without running over animals!
[fluff] ;)
[Pooperscooper] if you put bumpmapping, the game will sell a lot better
[Exitium] bumpmapped boobies?
[Exitium] And bumpmapped penises, for Spazmo.
[Pooperscooper] werd
[fluff] we're working on it
[Saint_Proverbius] The correct term is "bumpmapped nipples", Exit.
[Fishka] :))
[Exitium] Right you are.
[Saint_Proverbius] It's a quote from one of those Bethesda guys.
[Fishka] well, if that's all...
[Pooperscooper] mutants will be green?
* Fishka yawns
[fluff] nope
[Pooperscooper] hah i got like 1200 more questions
[Fishka] awww!
[Exitium] The girl needs her beauty sleep, Saint. How about we wrap this up?
[Fishka] I need, yes :)
[Fishka] 6 am in Russia :)
[Pooperscooper] THEY ANSWER THEM ALL
[Exitium] Ouch.
[fluff] 10:16 in our russia =P
[Saint_Proverbius] I figure if we make her groggy enough, she'll spill more beans, Exit.
[Exitium] You have a cunning plan.
[Pooperscooper] so how bout that publisher?
* Fishka trembles
[Fishka] what publisher?
[Exitium] The US publisher, who is it? :D
[Pooperscooper] u know the one u told us about?
[Pooperscooper] whats its name?
[Fishka] I cannot tell you any information :)))
[Pooperscooper] you guys going to send us preview copies?
[Pooperscooper] well make sure it does well in US
[fluff] keep silence, fishie
[Saint_Proverbius] What's this "us" stuff?
[Pooperscooper] like you and me
[Pooperscooper] k
[Saint_Proverbius] Welp, I'm ready to end it if you guys are, and it's been a blast having you guys here. I'm looking forward to seeing this game released.
[Pooperscooper] thanks for chatting with us
[Saint_Proverbius] PS. Where's GOLDEN LAND?
[WolfCatBot] Oh, me heard about that game too :D
[Fishka] Guys, it was great to talk with you ... and I promise to bring you the latest news :) and Saint will help... will you, Saint? ;)
[WolfCatBot] Does that one have flowers? :)
[Fishka] you'll see GL soon :)
[Saint_Proverbius] You could call up Burut and get them in here.
[fluff] goodbye guys, thanks for chatting :)
[Exitium] Saint doesn't have to be the only man in your life. Why, Pooper's willing...
[Saint_Proverbius] We can go all night! Or day in your part of the world.
[Pooperscooper] bye
[Exitium] cya fluff.
[fluff] it was nice to answer your questions :)
[Exitium] Good morning/night.
[Saint_Proverbius] Thanks, fluff!
[fluff] morning :)
[WolfCatBot] Bye byes, fluff sir, digger sir, and missus Fishka :)
[Exitium] Assuming you guys are going out for breakfast before you sleep :P
[Pooperscooper] thanks for the chat
[fluff] we'll try to do our best )
[Saint_Proverbius] Fluff is 12 hours away from me.
[fluff] exactly :)
[WolfCatBot] Thankies and stuffs, tribble treble, whirr :D
[Pooperscooper] wink wink
[Fishka] byebye, guys, we'll really try to do our best!
[Exitium] It's 11:22 am here.
[Fishka] thanks for the questions!
[Saint_Proverbius] Thanks for being here!
[Pooperscooper] Goold luck with game
[Exitium] Yeah, thanks guys.
* Fishka has quit IRC (Quit: Close the world. Open the Next.)
[WolfCatBot] 7:23 PM, zapzap :)
[Saint_Proverbius] Okay
* fluff has quit IRC (Quit)
[Pooperscooper] whats next weeks chat?
[Saint_Proverbius] Okay, digger.. They're gone.. Who's the publisher?

Thanks to Fishka of Russobit-M for setting us up with this chat, being here, and getting the Horns and Hooves guys, digger and fluff ready to talk about Phase: Exodus!

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