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Obsidian Teases New RPG - 'Project X'

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Obsidian Teases New RPG - 'Project X'

Game News - posted by Zed on Tue 11 September 2012, 03:21:22

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Project X

Obsidian has put up a new splash screen on their website. It has the number 4 (which I assume is a countdown - in days?) and a prosperian riddle written on it:

What do the words mean?

Nothing. The Dirge of Eír Glanfath is sound without form, a lone voice crying out in mourning because it must.​


They also opened up a forum to discuss said mystery project, with the following description:

A new forum is up for Obsidian's next RPG endeavor. So secret not even its project codename is yet being revealed. Speculate here...​

Some people over at NeoGAF found this in the page source code:
!--. X . X X . X X -->
<!-- To tenderness, fellowship. To fellowship, vigilance. So bring we all to the Night Market. I am the Spindle of Esenath. Know me by my light and stand with me in darkness. -->​
So, uh, Eír Glanfath and Esenath. Anyone know if those names are from anywhere?

It is most likely Josh Sawyer's project. Let's hope it's the long-awaited Torment-like game. Or something else that isn't a multiplatform ARPG.

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