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Temple of Elemental Evil preview at GameSpy

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Temple of Elemental Evil preview at GameSpy

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 7 February 2003, 16:06:41

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

GameSpy has posted a preview of Temple of Elemental Evil, which is being made by Troika for those living under a log. Also, this preview has a few screenshots of the artwork for the game, but none of them appear to be gameplay shots.

Another deviation from the world of Baldur's Gate is that it is a lot easier to play evil characters in this game. "In Baldur's Gate, the more evil you became, the more you would be accosted by the Flaming Fist, making it practically impossible to do some things in the game," Cain said. "Here, playing an evil party will make some things easier, or allow you to bypass some difficult situations altogether. I really pity anyone who tries to write a walkthrough for this because there are just so many different ways to play the game."

Deviation from Baldur's Gate is rarely a bad thing.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Don't forget about the upcoming developer chat on the subject of Temple of Elemental Evil!

Thanks to Trash for pointing me to this!

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