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More Divinity prizes, physical box copies available, raffles and more!

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More Divinity prizes, physical box copies available, raffles and more!

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 26 April 2013, 16:43:21

Tags: Codex Original Sin KickStarter Campaign; Divinity: Original Sin; Larian Studios

Official Codex envoy Angthoron has been in deep negotiations with Larian Studios around our current Divinity: Original Sin fund-raiser. We can now reveal the latest update on what donating will get you. Besides our name in the credits and everything else here, there's the story...

The Curious Tale Of Commander Myrthos And The Little Red Riding Imps

You'll find many a curious place in Rivellon, but none - Zixzax the Imp Historian will tell you - is quite as curious as the Shelter Plane At The End of Time. Fabulous indeed, would be the heroes who come to inhabit this enigmatic abode, and just as fabulous (as they'd soon find out) are the critters that live there!

No one - and when we say 'no one' we mean 'not even Bellegar' - knows where these red, diminutive demon imps come from, but even though they live at the very edge of the cosmos, a hunter haunts their path ...
Myrthos he is called, and rumour has it he is not alone. Does he stalk them because they wronged his kin? Have they broken a sacred oath? Are the forces of the very Divines at work? We can only guess, but the fact of the matter is that a sinister feud is slumbering beneath the surface of an already troubled realm.

Myrthos and his guild obey the mighty Watch. The Red Riding Imps swear by the ancient Codex. Between the two of them there is no common ground; by every oath imaginable they are sworn enemies that seek one another's destruction.

You decide the outcome...

As an additional bonus, the Imps will be named after the highest contributing Codexians (lest some of them forfeit) and, of course, after the DarkUnderlord at their helm.​

So basically you donate and get to be one of my minions. I like this game. DONATE NOW.

@ $5,000: We will get a jailor (see KickStarter for details).

@ $7,000: We get the Jailor and something that will replace the statue option originally present at $2,500.

And the bonus, if you donate to our fundraising drive, Larian has promised you will personally get awesome stuff too:
  • $25-$39 Digital copy of Original Sin
  • $40-$49 Digital copy of Original Sin + Signed poster
  • $50-$69 Digital copy of Original Sin + Original Sin T-shirt
  • $55-70 Digital copy of Original Sin + Original Sin T-shirt + Digital Soundtrack
  • $70-$99 Digital copy of Original Sin + Original Sin T-Shirt + Signed poster + Digital Soundtrack
  • $100-$124 Physical version: Original Sin physical copy + printed manual + soundtrack CD + Artbook + Cloth Map
  • $125-$139 Physical version + Digital copy of Original Sin
  • $140-$149 Physical version + Digital copy of Original Sin + Signed poster
  • $150-$169 Physical version + Digital copy of Original Sin + Original Sin T-shirt
  • $170 and more Physical version + Digital copy of Original Sin + Original Sin T-Shirt + Signed poster
  • Top 5 contributors get access to Alpha add-on portion of Divinity: Original Sin
  • The next 10 contributors get access to Beta of Original Sin.
NOTE: Larian have said that all physical items have to come to the Codex first and will then be sent out to you at our cost. Now that may change later. However, depending on what happens, what that cost is - and how many gold bricks we have spare from casino advertising at the time - we'll either write that cost off or arrange / work something out at the time. We may even have some other awesome Codexian stuff to throw in then too. Who knows!

There is also a tonne of stuff we will be raffling:
  1. Signed Divinity Original Sin Kickstarter Box Copy with Printed Manual, Soundtrack CD, Artbook and Cloth Map
  2. Physical Signed Concept Art
  3. Limited Edition Zandalor's Cards
  4. Divinity Fan (all games for the next 10 years)
  5. Limited Edition Bellegar's Dice
  6. Hand Sculpted Teleporters
It's $20 a ticket for the raffle. So your donation / 20 = the total number of raffle tickets you'll have in the draw - and to be fair, you can only win one thing. Angthoron is the poor son of a bitch who volunteered to organise this, so for claiming / forfeiting your rewards, please PM Angthoron. He'll manage a spreadsheet of who's opted in / out of what.

There's another bunch of stuff too, like Name the Undead, Write a Dialog, Name a Pet and other things, which at this stage, we'll work out what to do with when we get closer to actually having this stuff (currently erring on the side of running some sort of separate competition and taking the best suggestions).

The KickStarter ends in 105 minutes as of this posting - however Larian are accepting PayPal donations for the next 2 - 4 weeks. We will close our fundraiser on the 12th May and send whatever we've raised (less fees) to Larian then. So donate away for your chance to win!

In other news, our Tides of Numeneor campaign ends very shortly. If you want to contribute to that, now's your last chance.

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Blackthorne needs a kidney

TARGET: $5,000 USD

RAISED: $1,868.15 USD (37%)

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