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Prince of Qin Review at PCGameWorld

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Prince of Qin Review at PCGameWorld

Review - posted by Mistress on Thu 20 February 2003, 15:52:33

Tags: Prince of Qin

PCGameWorld have posted a review of Prince of Qin. They don't seem overly impressed with the title, loving the idea, but not the delivery. They give the game an overall score of 61%.

I guess the picture I am trying to paint here is one of lost potential. The story, based on factual history, could work. The party system and scores of items offer depth. Conceptually, there was something here. Perhaps the guy who came up with the "idea" was the one standing by the punch bowl, telling anyone who would listen how his "kid" was destined for greatness. Maybe everyone thinks their kids are destined for greatness.​
I'd love to comment, but I still can't get a copy of this game in the UK. *sigh* Still, you can always read Saint Proverbius' review right here.

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