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Demise: Ascension Monster Competition, New Demo Available

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Demise: Ascension Monster Competition, New Demo Available

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 26 August 2013, 17:24:55

Tags: Demise - Rise of the Ku'tan; Demise: Ascension

A new demo has been released recently for the unique dungeon crawling RPG Demise: Ascension, spiritual successor to Mordor and the original Demise: Rise of the Ku'tan, and you can download it here:

The demo contains the full game, but it will only run for 14 days or 20 play sessions. The final release is currently scheduled for sometime this Fall (yeah I know it's been postponed quite a few times already). We also have a thread about Demise: Ascension on the forums if you're looking for more info - in particular, check out Rpgsaurus Rex's OP in that thread for some basic facts about the game.

Aside from the demo, there is the ongoing Monster Competition, which ends on August 31st. (I should've posted the announcement earlier, but I only learned about it today.) Long story short, you can talk to monsters in Ascension using [Alt+T], and to enter the competition you must submit the lines you want a particular in-game monster to say. Details available here:

Ascension monsters are able to say different things as companions than they say as regular free monsters going about their nefarious ways. Assuming all humanoid monsters have things to say send us the monster name and something you think it would say if it said something - each entry must name one monster and provide alternate responses. The field is "wide open" after all, in Ascension even Tykes have something to say. [...]

All entries become property of Decklin's Domain, many entries may make it into the final version but the best 10 in the twisted dwarf's view (make me snort my Anchor Steam through my nose while I'm sitting here at the Cafe Trieste and you're a WINNER!) will get licenses for the person of their choice.

Monster Facts: 600 of them in Ascension.

18 Categories - Humanoid, Slime, Demon, Devil, Elemental, Reptile, Dragon, Animal, Insect, Undead, Water-Dweller, Giant, Mythical, Lycanthrope, Thief, Mage, Warrior and Indigini.

12 Languages - Common, Goble, Orcish, Elvish, Dwarvish, Necromic, La-Sai, Kruelk, Morkal, Tu'gak, Morani and Issori.

Monsters that talk at you may respond according to your current Alignment, Race, Guild or Sex. They may say different things if you carry a specific item or have a specific companion. In addition they may leave after saying something, attack you after saying something or attack you if you don't leave! In addition to conversation - monsters may taunt by insulting you or performing an insulting action.​

Here you can have a look at a few of the entries submitted so far.

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